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    Selling my basically brand new FMF 4.1 RCT titanium system (FMF # 045595) with a single 20 minute Moto on that I purchased for my 2018 FE350. Also included is quiet core and spark arrestor. I've simply decided to go with another exhaust system. Absolutely perfect, no dents or scratches. Will also fit: KTM 250-450 SXF 2015-2018 FE/XCF 250-450 2016-2018 EXCF 250-450 2017-2019 FC250-450 2016-2018 FE/FX 250-501 2017-2019 Paid $400 new from RMATV. Asking $350 firm. Local pickup near San Francisco CA only.


    San Francisco, CA

  2. Hey Guys, Woke up to my garage door wide open this morning (10/16/16 @ 8am) and two of my toys missing, a 2005 YZ250 and 2002 XR100. If anyone has any information on either of these bikes please let me know, all help is much appreciated – I'm offering cash reward for any information that leads to the recovery of them. I live near Presidio in San Francisco, so who knows where they'll end up, but I'm hoping someone might recognize them, even if they're just parts. Images below. I can be reached at 863-257-1386. The XR100 has: Woody Graphics "Michael Cloyd" No. 8 Red Spark Arrestor exhaust tip Missing a carburetor (lol) The YZ250 has: FMF Fatty Exhaust + Q silencer Red ASV levers 2007 SSS suspension - which have uniquely identifiable for guards from the 05/06 Black gripper seat GYTR Graphics Red KYB rear shock spring Brand new Black Excel rims with Blue Talon Hubs Black Hammerhead designs shifter (+20mm blue tip)
  3. YamahaX25

    Houston (area) riders

    Welcome! I relocated from NorCal 2 months ago. Also a two-smoker here. I haven't been able to catch one of the group rides to SHNF yet, but when you're settled I'm down for a ride!
  4. YamahaX25

    '09 YOT graphics ... photos?

    http://www.vitalmx.com/product/feature/One-Industries-2009-Factory-Team-Kits-Now-Available,2427 Scroll Down it is at the bottom of the post
  5. you could always go blue and get a 250, or a 125 with a 144 kit on it I made the switch from an 02 YZ250F to an 05 YZ250 and don't regret it one bit. Everyone is different though - see if you can't find someone who will let you make a lap or two on theirs.
  6. YamahaX25

    02 YZ250 in box new, Worth it or not??

    I bought my leftover 06 Yz250 for 4300otd back in August.
  7. So its time for another bike... i have been riding an 02 250F for the past four years and loved every bit of it - But I think its time for something a little more exciting. I came off an 01 YZ125 before I got my 250F and have had a premix craving ever since I left...So saturday Ill be picking up my new left-over 05 250! I was wondering how good the jetting is stock. I'm in Central Florida... I figured I'd probably need to drop the pilot one or two... seems a little rich for here... Maybe the needle? Do you guys run a hotter plug? If so which one? I wish I could of gotten an 06 - but definitley cannot pass up the deal I'm getting on this left over 05!
  8. YamahaX25

    07 Orlando Pictures

    A program called "porta" very easy to use! http://www.stegmann.dk/mikkel/porta/ Thanks guys!
  9. Orlando Pictures Enjoy! Just a few I was able to get to! Working on Daytona after these - Ill be sure to post them.
  10. YamahaX25

    Orlando Pictures..?

    2007 Orlando Pictures Enjoy! Just some of the ones I was able to get to today finally!
  11. YamahaX25

    Sub-frame between 02 and 01?

    yes - they are the same. I believe they have diff part numbers because the 01's had painted sub-frames and the 02's were not painted (I have an 02)
  12. YamahaX25

    Top end rebuild completion review/ tips

    I forget what size hone I used - It was wiseco's soft hone - I borrowed a friends. Yes, I purchased a craftsman 5-80 which is low enough for the caps, they also sell a 25-125? The lower the number the more expensive. And the craftsman I purchased has to be the nicest wrench Ive used! She kicked over the first kick! I havn't gotten to break her in yet! And as far as doing it. I'd never done a top end before. I'm very mechanically inclined so it was pretty easy, but that doesn't mean its hard. Just take your time. If you can do the cam swap you can do the top end. Its not hard at all - just takes time.
  13. YamahaX25

    Top end rebuild completion review/ tips

    End cost. Parts - Wiseco .75+ piston kit w/rings $150 Gaskets $30 Timing Chain $25 Assembly Lube $11 Shims (7) $40 total $255 Tools- Flywheel puller $20 Piston ring comp. $20 Craftsman torque wrench $100 Torx #27 $4 total $144 Grand total of $399 Granted I already had fluids/oil and a honer. So Add probably $50 to that if you dont have those items.
  14. Well I finally finished doing the top end on my 02 after about 4 weeks, and getting parts continually delivered. So I thought I would share my experience in rebuilding the top end. First of all make sure you have ALL the tools. I made the mistake of not doing so, and Ill tell you now - just spend the money - it will save you time and you from going crazy. You HAVE to have: Flywheel Puller > 27.0x 1.0LH if im not mistaken, motion pro makes it Flywheel holder > I made my own - yamaha makes one I believe Torque Wrench 5-80 ft lbs - Craftsman! Torx bit #27 Assembly Lube Piston ring Compressor > Best money ever spent! If your honing the cylinder yourself you also need a honer of some sort. Im pretty sure those were all the tools/lube needed. If I missed any let me know. Rebuilding is really not that difficult to do. The manual is extremely good about telling you step by step what to do. Just take your time and dont let any small pieces fall where you dont want them to go, need lots of shop rags! Everyone said the cams would be hard to install but I got them on in a breeze, it helps if you install one, then with the chain on one pull it out and angle it, while doing this install the 2nd cam and pop both in place - worked for me. I cleaned up the surfaces around the valves with a scotch-bright pad and brake cleaner to carefully remove the carbon and a toothbrush on the valves themselves lightly. Take you time and repeat cleaning over and over again and it will all come off. I also cleaned gasket surfaces with scotchbright as well. Some of the stupid mistakes I made rebuilding and hopefully you wont do - I forgot to drain the stupid radiator fluid, so when i started to unbolt the cylinder head coolant leaked out into cylinder and outside of my engine. Dumb mistake number one. Number two would be, and i suppose this only applies to the 01/02's because we dont have the luxury of installing our piston in the cylinder head then installing on the rod ( We dont have a cutout in the bottom of our cylinder). I got the piston installed in the cylinder (finally - what a b!) and had assembled all the way to the head and realized I left the other piston pin circlip out! I had installed one to keep the pin in place and forgot the other one. Der! I suppose those were the dumbest. I also managed to bolt down my cleanup rags (boxers) to the arm that holds the intake cam down... I suppose thats about it. If you have any questions be free to pm me. If i forgot anything important let me know. Oh btw the best tool I have ever spent my money on is a piston ring compressor - my big ole gorilla hands are not meant for compressing rings and the oil ring is a pain!!! And I installed a Wiseco .75+ , gaskets, timing chain, with a re-shim. Ill let you guys know how she purs after I ride. Take it easy, Bryan
  15. Alright - Photos are >> here << Finally got the top end apart. I have a few questions. First of all how does everything look? I'm not the original owner of the bike but since ive had it (3 years) its had an A+++ maintence schedule. My second question is on the piston above the rings i have what looks to be like little water specs, like when you let water sit on your car too long around the top skirt of the piston. This sorta concerns me.. I know its not water but is this fuel? And if you look at the top of the cylinder head there is a ring of brownish color around the top which i take is carbon from unburnt fuel.. should that be there? Or were the rings not seated good, or something along those lines? Any input is appreciated it greatly. Thanks, Bryan