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  1. 4traxx

    replacement motors

    Where did you get yours and about how much ?.I am worried about reliability and parts breaking / falling off .do you know where these motors are made ? In my opinion you cant beat honda reliability but it comes with cost .thanks for your help .
  2. 4traxx

    replacement motors

    I need a replacement motor for an 1988 z50 to get my son riding . I have crank problems .everything is here except flywheel .tell me what you know about the motors available aftermarket .I dont want junk .Stock is great a little more is ok too. I am not trying to start a war and am not loaded with cash .
  3. 4traxx

    FS: XR50 Motor

    What do I need to install this in a 1988 honda z50r ? I am int . sent you email .
  4. 4traxx

    cdi ?

    My sons z50r has no spark . my first guess is the cdi . A aftermarket cdi is available fo newer xr50s .the stock part # is the same ,I think . do you think I can install a newer cdi rev box to get it running again ? I am not lokking for more performance & I think cost is half as much . give me your opinion , thanx
  5. 4traxx

    Pro-Taper bar kit

    Pictures ?
  6. Sometimes my sons 50 wont move in 1st gear . is the clutch adjustable ? we have had it about a month . any help is appreciated .