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  1. Justheman80

    Bro forest?

    Made a comment for you guys.
  2. Justheman80

    McCall Idaho Riding Trip Suggestions

    Time of year depends on the snow year we have had. A safe bet would be later July and on. You should find enough stuff in that area to keep you busy, might have to load up and drive to different trail heads, 30-45 min drives, depending on where your starting/going. I have only ridden there are couple times and none of the rides I did were very long as I brought a friend that doesn't really ride. Hit me up when you have dates set and I would try to join in for a day or two.
  3. Justheman80

    Bull Trout Lake

    How was your ride? Trail conditions? Pics?
  4. Justheman80

    Bull Trout Lake

    I would go off of the Stanley weather. But I too use the NOAA map mentioned above, you can have it pin-point exactly where you are staying.
  5. Justheman80

    Bull Trout Lake

    I use Avenza also known at PDF Maps as an app on my phone/tablet. You can down load the MVUM within that apps map store. This is all free. https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/boise/maps-pubs/?cid=stelprdb5053223 This web page will have great info The MVUM and the Avenza app. also look at this map as well. https://trails.idaho.gov/
  6. Justheman80

    Sun Valley

    Don't know of anyone, but check with Woodside Motorsports, they may rent or know who does in the area.
  7. Justheman80

    04 yz 250 bogs and sounds like a rev limiter under load

    Don't have my manual with me, in the process of moving. You will likely have dig around in the internet, call the dealer, or post what year your YZ is and someone else may be able to help.
  8. Justheman80

    Rekluse YZ250 starting in gear ?s

    I need to crack the throttle open at the end of the kick and the lurch forward is very minimal, if I don't cover the clutch.
  9. Justheman80

    04 yz 250 bogs and sounds like a rev limiter under load

    Did you test the stator to see if it had the right resistances? Not just in the correct position.
  10. Justheman80

    Modding Slide to a #8

    I posted for Wolfgang, he said he was not comfortable doing this mod himself. RB Designs can cut the slide for him and its pretty cheap.
  11. Justheman80

    Modding Slide to a #8

    Here is where is sent mine. Cheap. http://www.rb-designs.com/
  12. Justheman80

    Idaho Summer trails - how early?

    General ride and clearing whats in your way, no cert needed. A saw cert would be needed if you were clearing with forest service or possibly on a formal club clearing.
  13. Justheman80

    Idaho Summer trails - how early?

    Not sure how things will shape up this year as the this winter seems light. Typically you will encounter drifts on or near the peaks into early July in the higher elevations.
  14. Justheman80

    Any new upgrades?

    I would get a chain guide/case saver on that front sprocket. like others mentioned fix the brake line, I would buy a different line that routes like the CR's and newer bikes do. I just bought a line off a newer yz from ebay, it has the wrap around style routing (does not droop below the fork).
  15. Justheman80

    2002 Yamaha YZ250 Seat & Flywheel Weight

    Would take the flywheel weight. Would pay for shipping.