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  1. Gurnard

    Anyone buy bike from TN??

    I also bought a CRF at Southern Powersports. No gimmicks at all. The price is exactly as advertised. Like someone already mentioned, you may have to wait in line.
  2. Robey, I'm afraid there is no way to sway your mom on this one. She's just being a mom, it's what they do & she'll probably feel the same when you're 40. In a few years you may be looking at this from a parents perspective - it REALLY changes how you see things. You said early on that your dad rides so you know a little about riding on the street. So does she. She may not be a rider but she knows the dangers. Parrot is 100% right - When you can do this with no financial help and no permission - do whatever you want. You're getting a lot of great advice on this thread, give it some thought. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  3. I know this won’t be popular with guys that spent a lot of $$ on torque wrenches (this caused a lot of disagreement in our shop) but…unless you are carefully controlling a lot of other factors it makes absolutely no difference which wrench you use. Bolt torque is an INDIRECT measure of bolt tension and ultimately clamping force. A change in materials, presence or absence of a washer, type of lubrication used (if any) and especially cleanliness will drastically change torque requirements. For example, adding copper based never-seize requires a correction factor of 0.55. Ever adjust torque values? According to Machinery’s Handbook a “calibrated arm” is good for +/- 35% and a torque wrench only good for +/- 25%. Add a little rust, a different washer and a little lube…The torque value shown on your $1000 super-wham-a-dyner torque wrench has little to do with the desired clamping force that the torque spec was calculated to attain. Ignore everything else and a $5 pawn shop torque wrench is no better or worse than anything else. Before anyone gets mad, look into it. Getting to the proper clamping force is much more complicated than reading a torque value. Motomandan, I was a nuke too…if I remember right, QA dictated ever little thing down to the washers, lubes, torque specs…But I could be wrong, it’s been a long time.
  4. Gurnard

    Nashville-area Riding Opportunities

    LBL is just about the only place I ride. I've tried coal creek but it was a little much for the wifey. Cedars has been closed for a few years, I've heard rumors of it reopening. Any one else hearing this? 143 shut down but there is another place just a few miles up highway 13 called volunteer valley, I haven't been there yet, they have a website I think. I've been thinking about Honda Hills one weekend, I had a map bookmarked...or so I thought, can't find it now. Anyone been there?
  5. Gurnard

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    32 years here. I started on a home-made mini-bike. (Thanks grandpa, RIP). Unfortunately, home-brewed minis also have home-brewed brakes. In this case, if I remember right, a section of large pipe that sorta cupped the back wheel. Yes, I crashed it a few times but I was hooked for life. First “real” bike was a 65cc Benelli woodsman, no idea what year. First race bike was a ’78 YZ80, which my buddies previously “king of the hill” XR75 couldn’t touch. At that time, in this area, flat-track racing was all the rage…anyone remember the DG downpipes…well maybe that just what WE called them, may not have been an official name. Just two days ago I went riding with my sons, some of the best times of my life by the way, and my oldest said he may sell his bike to raise money for a nicer car before he leaves for college. Very depressing to lose a riding partner like that. Just yesterday I was running alongside him as he learned to ride his PW50…where does the time go?
  6. Gurnard

    Silly needle jet question

    Thanks guys. I guess I'll have to pop the top again since I can't remember which end I counted from.
  7. Hey gang, Last weekend I did the power-up modifications on my son's 150. Everything went fine until I got to the new needle jet. The instructions that I found in this forum said "clip at the 4th position" or something along those lines...which end are you counting from? Top or bottom? Thanks in advance.
  8. Gurnard

    Extreme Acres in middle TN

    Hey neighbor! (I'm between Castalian Springs and Gallatin) Do you have a "pay-to-play" plan or is it strictly lessons only?
  9. Gurnard

    Are there good riding spots in Nashville???

    Shanedogg, There are a few practice tracks around. Not an MX guy but I see a lot of flyers at the local shops...when I'm looking for trail rides. Plan on 1-3 or so hours travel for a ride. Also, check out coal creek (aka windrock), 3 or so hours from Nashville but a huge area, rides can be whatever you're looking for, well maybe not a Vegas type ride. I was out west in late June and couldn't believe the amount of riding areas out there, one set of trails seemed to run along the interstate for many miles...very envious. Most people here are pretty willing to share knowledge of riding areas, ride the more popular areas, be friendly, talk to a lot of people...you'll find plenty of riding in TN, north AL and southern KY. Unfortunately, nothing much within the 1 hour you asked about. Hey, I just thought of one...maybe, but I'm too lazy to look it up. I think that Sarge's Cycles in Columbia used to sponsor races & a practice track. That would be VERY close to Franklin. Good luck.
  10. Gurnard

    Help me understand quad crash

    LOL Thanks for about half of those replies! I think I got it, once I get it back together I'll go right back to the same spot. For those that picked on quads in general and polaris in particular...my wife wanted something easy to ride with me & the boys, I didn't think she'd ride more than a couple times before losing interest...so I bought something very different from what I already had. No it's not as fun, but it is a change of pace. Thanks again.
  11. Hey gang, I know this isn’t really the right site, but I thought I’d ask here anyway. I have near zero 4-wheeler experience so I really don’t understand what just happened, please tell me where I went wrong. Been riding bikes for years and have been considering giving up the bikes for a nice cushy quad, instead I bought one for my wife (wink, wink) anyway I was riding her quad this afternoon (Polaris Sportsman 400) came up on what I’ll call a dry creek bed crossing, a short steep bank on both sides almost perfectly perpendicular to the trail. The climb out looked like loose, uneven dirt (like maybe a jeep had been through at some time). I put the bike in low range and All-Wheel-Drive to on…intending to claw my way up the other side, very slowly. When the front end cleared the top of the lip, that sucker came over backwards and tried to drive me into the ground like a bugs bunny cartoon. Amazing how fast a “walking-speed” climb went so bad. Trying to scramble out of the way of a 700# machine was a little scary. I was shocked that this pig could “wheelie” like that. Anyway, looking back I would have approached this on the bike at a much higher speed, wouldn’t have hesitated to blow through (it REALLY didn’t look tough) and wouldn’t have been in a bad situation if the CRF had flipped (just let it go), not so easy here. Pancaked the bars, destroyed the headlight/instrument pod, cracked a fender, pissed off the wifey. The damage isn’t nearly as bad as it looks, try to convince her…it was brand new until I rode it… I’m pretty mad at myself over it, screwed up someone else’s toy, don’t know how I did it AND was wearing minimal gear “It’s a utility quad, what’s the worst that could happen?” I had parked my bike and we were packin’ it in for the day when I decided to go play a little more…shoot! Thanks in advance.
  12. Gurnard

    Turkey Bay OHV area -opinions

    Yup, it is a fairly new policy. The ranger asked "How long since you've been here?" I hadn't been since November or so & know it had never been mentioned before. I don't know many motorcycle guys that "mud" but I'm sure the jeep & buggie guys hate it.
  13. Gurnard

    Turkey Bay OHV area -opinions

    I rode up there today for the first time in a while. Why the "no mudding" policy?
  14. Hey bud, My '03 did something similar a couple months ago...turned out to be a sheared flywheel key. No doubt related to the recent flywheel swap. Have you done anything to it lately? Mine would start momentarily every 100 or so kicks, backfire then die. Really annoying. Good luck with it.
  15. Gurnard

    See y'all. . .

    Dang, Sounds like a good time. I just started BJJ last month...been a solid month of gettin' my ass kicked. Have fun.