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  1. BOBR

    06 vs 07 WR450F

    Wow i must of had a lemon 06' because mine was a dog on the bottom end and the handling was nothing like my 08'...and by the way, they made specific changes to the motor in 06' to try and make the power more linear, end result the power sucked. Everyone has an opinion, take from it what you want. Just my .02
  2. BOBR

    06 vs 07 WR450F

    I've had 5 WR's from 00' to my current 08' and the 06' I never really liked anything about it. My biggest complaint was the motor it was so neutered that it was really lacking bottom end to mid range power unless you rode it like a 250. I currently have an 08', which is bascially the same as an 07' (BNG's) and the bike is the best so far. The motor has way better power where you need it, wave rotor style brakes work great, the aluminum frame and the geometry of the bike seems to make it feel more planted in turns and just seems to handle much better than before...all well worth the money.
  3. BOBR

    2009 WR Suspension

    It sounds like I basically do the same kind of riding you do and ACME use to be the guy to go to...but he is no longer with us. I've had Shock Therapy do my current 08' and they did one of my other bikes a few years ago and they seem to understand the difference btw a desert bike and a track bike.
  4. BOBR

    help with 04 wr450

    I had a similar problem with my 04' and it ended up being the coil, it was about $75.00 from the dealer.
  5. BOBR

    2006 WR 450 thoughts...

    I had an 06' before my 08' and I really did not like the power delivery on that m/c. They made the power so linear the it seemed completely neutered. I put on a pipe and it made it much easier to ride in the tight stuff.
  6. BOBR

    2008 wr450 flywheel weight

    Just a thought but how about just figuring out how to use the clutch. 1st gear is pretty much a granny gear and if you just a steady throttle and a little clutch you should be fine.
  7. BOBR

    Finally picked one up!

    Just curious... But why the search for an 06'?
  8. BOBR

    Big tank for 08 450

    I used to race all the District 37 races and for the H and H's espcecially you will need a the bigger tank. I have pitted with your club a few times and ride frequently with a couple of your members, Gary Lacharite & JJ Johson. I currently have and 08' w/the IMS tank, it is a little wider than stock but nothing to obtrusive and as far as the petcock goes just run it backwards. It's not brain surgery to figure out which way is on and off and you won't waste the money on a new one. Just my .02
  9. BOBR

    Take plastics off before apply decal?

    I've put on several sets over the years and to me it makes more sense to have them on the bike so that they are stationary. Just my .02
  10. BOBR

    2008 Wr450 Jetting

    Did my first ride on the new scooter this weekend and from the initial crack of the throttle the power is way better than my 06'. The jetting seemed to work fine with no flat spots anywhere that I could find. Handleing was good and so far I'm really impressed with the bike compared to my last one.
  11. BOBR

    06 WR450F Owners

    Hey, Everybody has an opinion one way or the other... I've had a 00', 02', 04', 06' and now and 08' Wr and a 03' YZ, so I've pretty much ridden all of them and my opinion is what it is. The 06' is lazy on the bottom by leaps and bounds compared to my 04'. It does make pretty good power from mid to high but is a terd on the bottom. If you change the pipe there is a noticeable improvement and it is a good handling bike. Good luck .
  12. BOBR

    06 WR450F Owners

    I just sold my 06' WR and it was my least favorite Yamaha out of the 5 others I've owned. In 06' they tried to neuter the power on it to make it more linear and in my opinion they took all the fun out of the bike. They also went the wrong direction in the design of the fork by making the internal reservoirs about half the size of previous years. Which means if you are a descent sized guy and you ride hard at all it almost impossible to get the forks to work right. Just my.02
  13. BOBR

    2008 Wr450 Jetting

    I went with the all the other jets that came in the kit but I went with the 48 pilot & 170 main. I'll be trying it this weekend for the first time so I'll report back after the weekend.
  14. BOBR

    2008 Wr450 Jetting

    Thanks for the response. If it weren't such a pain in the ass to change the jets I wouldn't even care but it is sort of labor intensive for such a simple change.
  15. BOBR

    2008 Wr450 Jetting

    Done that, which is why I'm asking here because of the difference.