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  1. Pahrump


    Yeah thats what I thought....I aint no zuk genius, but I thought at 01 they made big changes.
  2. Pahrump


    Will a 2002 RM250 bottom end bolt into a 2000 frame? Cylinder/piston offf the 2000 bolt up to the 2002 bottom? Thanks
  3. Pahrump

    quick turn throttle on 05 WR

    Motion Pro Vortex
  4. Pahrump

    yz250f piston

    No issues. Man install the 08+ pistons in the older bikes for a cheap way to bump the compression.
  5. Pahrump

    450F to 250F

    I agree...the 250s are nice no doubt, but even built up they are not the same as the 450s, not in an area where you can open them up and use the power.
  6. Pahrump

    450F to 250F

    Not really...... It wont fit, the frame is actually smaller, I could not even fit the 450 engine into the hole..lol, I tried it yesterday.
  7. Pahrump

    Yet another question for the TT gods.

    Thats crazy stupid prices for a rebuilt..be it bottom end or complete engine with a thank you note. Look for complete engines on egay or here...should be able to pick one up for $900-1500 easily. Check the valves, hell even install a new 08 piston kit to freshen it up. You will be much better off.
  8. Pahrump

    450F to 250F

  9. Pahrump

    450F to 250F

    Will a 04 450F engine bolt into a 04 250F frame?
  10. And yet no one that has posted has them or has efven seen them in person. I have 2 sets of them...one on each bike, I am 230 and they have 5.5"'s of nice travel, bolted up easy, and work great. I have about 10 hours of riding on them so far. I did not post this to get into a pissing match with any of you just as a reply to the fellers question. Thanks and have a great day.
  11. Pahrump

    Sikk Toys 107cc.... I'm gettin it!

    They are not re-badged SDG's However they are made in Chin like the SDG's and of course some of the parts are gonna be and look the same.
  12. Pahrump

    Sikk Toys 107cc.... I'm gettin it!

    Inde......let me know.......
  13. Pahrump

    icon 50x or 90x?

    Same as the Honda 13mm or so.
  14. Pahrump

    icon 50x or 90x?

    Crower wants the head too to he can flow it together. That is the reason he don't have mine yet either. I am too busy riding them. As for that kit It may work, depends upon rod length. The head in there is the same e22 head we have now and at only $120 bucks for the kit it ain't too bad. You could send the head and cam to Crower asap and get it ported and a cam ground then put the 52mm cylinder and piston ln with your new head. Have a ported, cammed 105cc beast there. Then you could always sell your stock head, and cam for $50+ bucks. Another idear is to bore the stock cylinder and get a piston that macthes the stocker. I know you Honda guys are gonna say "you can't bore the stock cylinder" well on the Honda you can't cause the cylinder walls are too thin but on the Icon cylinders they can be bored to atleast 50mm by my measurements and still have more sleeve sticking into the cases than my TB 52mm cylinders do. I bet you could bore them to 52mm. And another option is to get the 54mm cylinder and piston kit with the 69mm tall cylinder from dratv.com. The cases on the Icons are already bored out to accept the 54mm cylinder which the Hondas are not. And the Icons come stock with a HV oil pump too. Damn I am tired of typing.......lol
  15. Pahrump

    icon 50x or 90x?

    I still have the stock heads on my bikes but am working on getting cams from Crower and the heads ported. I thought I advised you along time ago to go to Crower Power to get a cam for your bike????