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  1. i'm looking at putting new, piston, cam, crank, rod, valve, and maybe springs. how much should these cost? i'm not lookiing at a big bore kit so how much gains should i be looking at? and whats the best of the best? any help would be great! its a 2002 -justin
  2. yzrider250

    Dr. D Pipe Review

    off topic but o well, my buddy has a small sponsorship with fmf. so to pass the noise test i was thinking about getting the Q with a sx powerbomb header and a camshaft from hot cams. how does this sound for power?
  3. yzrider250

    when to replace valves

    just got my valves replaced on my 2002 for the first time (sence i'v owned it) at the local shop. i asked them for the shim sizes they put in, all they told me was that it was still in factory specs and it looking all good. what does this mean? thanks, yzrider
  4. yzrider250


    thanxs but jw what do they cost
  5. i bent my rateator today :D does any one know how much this costes 2 by a new ones?
  6. i'm a heavy 130 lol and its a lot of power 4 me(it should be)
  7. yzrider250

    2001 vs. 2002 vs. 2003 YZ250Fs

    i think in 02 they changes alot i'm not sure but i heard they changed like all the many components. adn in 03 i think it was jus the cams
  8. yzrider250

    My review of the VORTEX X-10

    how do u change the settings?
  9. yzrider250

    please say a prayer for a hurt rider

    ya my best friend just broke his back today. we were up in the hilles both were lost and trying to find each other and i guess he was going down a hill and there was a turn. he slid off or something and hit a tree doing about 35 mph. all he can remiber is taking the turn and seeing a tree. he broke L2 (a disk in ur back) in three places, he also broke a rib. he'l be at the hospital prob for a wile.
  10. yzrider250

    WANTED...Vortex ignition

    same i'v been thinking about getting one. if anyone out there can give me a good price i well probabbly buy it. same bike 02 250f.
  11. yzrider250

    exaust packing

    my bike is making a ssssssssss sound from the exaust that i'v never notest be4 is this normal? i'v got the t-4
  12. yzrider250

    mods for the yz250f

    my favorite is the t4. big power gain and a great sound doesnt get any better then that. if i had to do it again i would buy the same pipe.
  13. yzrider250


    my bike is startin to have truble starting. what exactly is feeler gauge, and i'm goin riding tomorrow is it ok to ride on? and can anyone give me any good sites that explain how to do it. thanks
  14. yzrider250

    who would win???

    sry i 4 got to 2 say on a strait away.
  15. yzrider250


    what r the signs that tells u u need to adjest them?