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    PC ti-4 lowboy or yoshimura pro ti?????

    I would personally recoment the yoshi.The yoshi pipe probable suits the more agressive rider though.
  2. LC17SMP

    Quieter Exhaust?

    CMS, I fail to see your point of view.The green belt behind your house probably doesnt have flood lights,so I'm guessing you can only ride during the day.How is riding different than your neighbor mowing his lawn or using his compressor or tablesaw? These are all normal occurances in my neighborhood.I cant hear my self think when my neighbors are doing these things but I not going to go ask them to stop.That is what we all do,make noise in the day,sleep at night.Now if you rode behind my house at 10:00pm,I might let a few 12ga shells fly your way,but during the day/afternoon no one should care.
  3. LC17SMP

    Where can I get parts?

    Try these guys.I have bought several things from them.Excelent service so far. mx south
  4. LC17SMP

    Quieter Exhaust?

    My opinion is that the more we conform to all these b.s. regulations (sound) that are being put on us riders the more they (tree huggers) come up with.These people that come up with all this bs wont be happy no matter how quite your bike gets.THEY DONT WANT MOTORCYCLES IN THE FIRST PLACE.I dont see anyone trying to silence harleys,even though your teeth just about rattle out when they go by!We need to quit acting like homos' and defend our rights to ride when they get attacked by these hippie tree huggin bastards.We as a community have this awful habbit of allwoing a few extreem voices in the community make all the decisions.I know I sound harsh but these people are out to take our freedoms.They dont do it all at once.They do it slowly and we just stand around and watch like a bunch of lemmings.Not me,not anymore.Hell,I might cut a few inches off my yoshi pipe!
  5. LC17SMP

    So I rode a brand new CRF250

    Warrior,I had the blues once! My days are now much brighter. Just think,if you buy a honda it could look like mine.
  6. LC17SMP

    Lets see your bikes!!!!

    <font color="#666666"> I cant wait to try out my new exhaust.
  7. LC17SMP

    250/450F rear wheels Interchangeable?

    The wheels are interchangeable,but the 250 has a thinner rear rim.1.85 vs. 2.15.
  8. LC17SMP

    coolest 250f

    I just put my exhaust on friday night and I cant wait to try it out.The exhaust was a pain to install compared to my brothers WB carbon pro.(450)
  9. LC17SMP

    Lets See Some Pics!

    I got a new host Clamps and bars and that will just about do it.
  10. LC17SMP

    Lets See Some Pics!

    My image hosting isnt that great.Sorry if they dont show.
  11. LC17SMP

    White Bros Carbon Pro Exhaust

    I agree with Chris.How does less fuel = more power.We are told these bikes are lean due to emisions to start.Even if the bike is rich stock with a/m exhaust you should flow more air?????? And all the way down to a 150???? I surely wouldn't be the first guy in my group to go to those settings.Im picking up my yoshi carbon pro friday and I will see what they recomend.
  12. LC17SMP


    Talon makes red hubs.My brother has them on his 450.Any talon dealer can order them.They usually dont even know they exist.It took aprox 6 weeks to get though.
  13. LC17SMP

    Backfire Screen

    Some shops may not even know they have it.The only difference is the inner lining is black not orange.Twin air has a kit avail for aprox $100 that comes with this filter and a filter cage.Pretty trick,but 1 bill is a bit more than i cared to spend on my filter.
  14. IM AFRAID THAT IF THAT WAS MY BROTHER AND I WAS WATCHING THAT I WOULD HAVE HAD TO USE LETHAL FORCE TO STOP THEM. This type of thing happens only because we the people have allowed the polititions to disarm us.I wonder if the blm agents would have rethought their actions with 40 armed citizens around watching.
  15. LC17SMP

    GPS? Which one do I NEED?!

    I dont know a lot about gps but my friend has one that displays your elivation.Great for jetting your bike!