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  1. was just wondering if anyone knew of anyone importing or making stainless intake valves in Australia. I cant seem to find them.... I'm looking for valves for crf's but any information would be good. cheers, ride red my friends.
  2. RedriderRusty

    trouble in the woops

    Was wondering if anyone could set me up with some settings for standard CRF250 '05 suspension. When hitting whoop sections the rear suspension seems to kick me in the ass even when my body position is right back.... i'm thinking the rear is too stiff but am not to sure on how to go about adjusting it. If i were to soften the rear what would i need to do to the front to make sure both front and rear suspension are working together... Any help would be sick... cheers, - Ride red my friend -
  3. RedriderRusty

    hard jump landings

    same problem, same bike.... im just running stock forks with a few minor adjustments and i've found than when landing hard on the back wheele the front seems to smack down hard. I do agree that ridding position has alot to do with it but is a stock 04' crf fork too stiff ?? ride red my friend, Rusty
  4. RedriderRusty

    crf250r help

    The 250R is designed for motorcross. Its not designed to be used as a trail bike. As for rebuilding and maintenance you can get a lot more hours out of the piston/ valves than is recommended. I'd just make sure you clean the air filter after everyride and keep checking tappet clearance and changing the oil regularly.
  5. RedriderRusty

    Steering dampers????

    I just recently bought a steering damper for my bike and it should be here next week.. i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about them such as advantages and disadvantages ect... any info would be great. Ride red my friend, Rusty
  6. RedriderRusty

    changing from CR250 to CRF250.

    I always thought that a CRF250 was more like a replacment model to the cr125, arnt all u guys jumping of 2-stroke 250 finding that the four-stroke 250 lacks power... The four stroke needs double engine compacity to match the power of the 2-stroke so all u dudes jumping of cr250..ect shouldnt you be looking more towards a crf 450? Ride red My friends, Rusty
  7. RedriderRusty

    crf250 forks ??

    Hey man i aint got me crf yet either, but i have heard several comments about a few bikes arriving late this year! so thats good news. About the forks, i am ridding an '01' cr125 at the moment and all i can say about those forks is BUH! they are crap, so all i can hope for is with new models and better bikes comes improved forks with just a little bit of give! Ride Red my Friends, Anyone with feedback on the quality of the forks give me a yell, Cheers. Rusty
  8. RedriderRusty

    CRF 250 vs YZF 250

    Yes, we Aussies are surrounded by water, but they aint gonna stop us from gettin a bit of the action. I know my Crf 250 is gonna be hammering the tracks next year!! RIDE RED MY FRIENDS, Rusty
  9. RedriderRusty

    CRF 250 vs YZF 250

    All you people in America or anywhere that you have a chance to ride the bikes before you buy them this is a post for you. What do you think the difference between the YZF250 and the CRF250 is. Which one is better, and why? Ryan has changed from Green to Red and he is way happy RIDE RED MY FRIENDS, Rusty
  10. RedriderRusty

    Wow, What a bike!!!

    I've been on a honda nearly all my life. All other bikes i have ridden just dont come close to the feel of a honda. EVERY ONE SHOULD KNOW BY KNOW THAT HONDA IS THE WAY TO GO. Ride Red My Friends Rusty
  11. RedriderRusty

    UPS and DOWNS of the crf 250?

    Yeah my old man has a honda dealership in oz and we got a demo model crf250r in and man it looks awesome , its a little taler than me '01' cr125 but i am looking forward to the release in jan 04, i am so jelouse of all you guys who already have them . RuStY
  12. RedriderRusty

    UPS and DOWNS of the crf 250?

    I havnt got me crf 250 yet coz they will not let oz have them til jan 04, but i want to know all the stuff you guys like bout them and dislike about them, Cheers, RUSTY!
  13. RedriderRusty


    Find a motard site dude, it can be done, just need to find the right place. I suggest you look for a site and then email the site and ask them all you need to know. peace out, Rusty
  14. RedriderRusty

    CRF250 Set-Up Tips and Experiences

    Are you serious about tottaly stripin the bike? if thats true honda need to seriously improve there stuff. I have never had any problems with brand new hondas before, why are you saying to strip it?
  15. RedriderRusty


    Coz im from Oz there aint no sign of any crf250's sept for the demo bikes sent out by Honda. My blood is certainly red, and there is no way its gonna change. Jan 04 when the 250 is released in oz i will have one there is no worries bout that. But what i want to know is how much has honda improved this bike from the Cr 125/250? is it really going to be as good as everyone seems to think, Rusty