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  1. I want to get my son into racing!I dont know how to do it. does any one on tt know how? Reply or PM me. TTR
  2. In a riding place called (Franklin)we met some guys who where going to show us a sand pit and we hit over 3 miles of 2 feet deep whoops and it was the worst thing I have ever done is my 2 years of riding even the teens that where showing us the way to the sand pit where going 4 mph and :lol:sitting I told them to try standing and after 20 mins they where sitting! It was well worth the trip tho. when we got to the sand pit there was nice jumps and lost of fun hills! TTR
  3. 125

    How do you dispose of used oil?

    bring it to a car place like a place where people fix your car and they will take care of it I am not sure where you are so I can not give you any place to go to sorry TTR
  4. sorry dude i wouldnt think any one has it taped better luck next year TTR
  5. try telling kids are fun to my dad foresmoke TTR
  6. 125

    My son is now a MXer

    Looks like a good start to me! When i started I was 8 years old and I was dumping all over the place . All I can say to that cool kid is good luck ! TTR
  7. 125

    My kid quit...why?

    Well, My brother Mike quit because he had a lot of friends he liked to go to the mall and out to lunch and dinner.He also has a girlfriend that loves.Some kids just dont like riding because of there friends and like one of the kids I ride with is slow and does not really like to ride.He only rides to be with his dad and he needs more confidence to ride.So if he does not like to ride do not force him. TTR
  8. 125

    Rider Down

    WOW That is really bad. I hate to hear of a fellow rider down PM me on his recovery. TTR
  9. Holy ****!!!!!!! :usa: :D :D :D TTR
  10. 125

    The Epic Day of Riding

    yopu did that on the off topic!!!! TTR
  11. 125

    Over or under jersey?

    I do mine over TTR
  12. 125

    MX Jumps...

    I never even got a chance to go to a pro motocross race and they are going to band it TTR
  13. 125

    MX Jumps...

    Post deleted by 125
  14. 125


    My dad looked at one for $250 but I dont think he is going to get it untill the fall TTR
  15. 125

    how bad is travis's injury

    I dont really kow but he said that he thinks it is broken TTR