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  1. Hey guys and gals, I just finished building a new PC for myself, after wanting to do so for video editing purposes for years and finally bit the bullet. This is a fun clip I just finished editing for my first edit - 2013 videos from silver lake on my Drz400 to show how capable they can be.. No music, raw sounds only!
  2. thewarrior703

    250 Crankcase worn thru

    good correction, I missed the line in the first pic. I've seen enough uses of JBweld to trust it... not preferable but solid (not a pro mechanic though)
  3. thewarrior703

    93 CR 250 rebuild/ introduction

    Hey everyone, my name is Brandon, 23 years old out of Grand Rapids, MI. Been through a drz400, rm250, currently have a KTM250exc, and just got a 93cr250 in my hands. I was riding in baldwin and lost compression on the ktm. We wanted to ride the next day so I used a buddies fathers' loaner bike- the 93, and blew it up the next day..talk about bad luck. the ktm was a quick piston swap, but this one took the skirt off and ruined the bottom end and cylinder. I knew it wasnt going to be worth what I had to put into it, but I had a little extra cash laying and I really wanted to learn how to rebuild the bottom end, so I bought it from the father for 260 + a case of beer. The price spent for the list of parts I bought shocked me a bit, but I planned on spending a bit on the bike to make it a solid lasting bike for myself. A list of parts and tools I can remember for the job that I wrote down include; Initial purchase of bike 280.00 Hot Rods Bottom End Kit 342.23 Bottom end Bearing Kit 125.99 Kick Start assembly 27.35 Cylinder Repair (US Chrome) 250.00 Wossner Piston 115.00 Fork Seals 15.19 Cylinder stud/dowels/assorted hardware 43.19 Frame paint 15.00 Tusk Case splitter 60.00 Washer for transmission 0 Brake parts cleaner 20 Chain and sprocket 67 Spark plug 5 Blind Bearing puller 69 Fork oil 15 Premix 10 Brake Pads 25 Fork seals x2 25 Spent a lot. I planned on it, but couldve saved money by taking my time and being a little more organized....lesson learned. Anyways, here are some pics. I have to install a second set of fork seals because I damaged the first set during installation with wrong tools, and I have break pads to install and it should be pretty much done. Just wanted to say hey and show off the new ride. P.s. anyone have a used right peg, I wouldn't be too upset if you were looking to get rid of it... and my current ride that is for sale
  4. thewarrior703

    Post pics of your CR's

    I am able to tell everyone likes when the early 90's bikes are restored. Here is my new to me 93' cr250. Full bottom and top end rebuild. New to the Honda forum here, came from suzuki drz400 and have an 05 KTM 250exc that is for sale. I am just posting my intro on the main honda 2 stroke section though for more detail. pic of my r6 for fun too Brandon
  5. thewarrior703

    250 Crankcase worn thru

    I inserted the rubber grommet. Look at part number 5. I hope this is the same thing we are talking about. The "hole" you are referring to is the hole that is on the mating surfaces of the cases correct? this grommet is a seal for the two holes and the parts diagram refers to it as GROMMET, BREATHER 11206-GC4-700. http://www.hondapartshouse.com/oemparts/a/hon/506c0907f870023420a2cc95/crankcase
  6. thewarrior703

    250 Crankcase worn thru

    I just did a full bottom end rebuild on my new to me 93 250 and it was the same exact way, there is a rubber "Seal" so to speak that goes in there. Take a look at your stator where the wires come out of the case...very similar to that where it just slides in. Hope this helps. Oh and by the way my name is brandon and this is my first post in the honda forum. hello.
  7. thewarrior703

    New KTM brapper

    Hey everyone, joined the KTM world recently with a 2005 exc 250. Bike is a beauty, Po was an older gentleman that worked at the college I was tutoring at and hooked the bike up. High comp head/piston, reeds, piped, trail tech vapor, shark fin, trail bag, bunch of extra parts including seat, fenders, tires, gear, sprockets, and original equipment. Went to cedar creek this weekend and got the whisky throttle in a drag race and broke the subframe, air box, and bent the bars. Hoping someone could magically chime in with answers to year/model figment of those parts. I know where to locate bars but: What model and years have the same air box and sub frame as the 05 KTM 250 Pics attached per new post requests. Old and new bikes
  8. thewarrior703

    Ebay rotors, yes or no?

    I bought my 320 off ebay and it "looked" exactly like that. I had an issue with the relocator bracket and the rotor outer edge rubbing just a hair. Decided to ride it for 20 mins and do some breaking and it wore itself away. Worked like a charm after that.
  9. thewarrior703

    Michigan roll call

    Grand Rapids. My riding buddies and I ride cedar creek, baldwin, and silver lake sand dunes. I just got a ktm 250exc I am excited to get out on
  10. thewarrior703

    KTM 250 EXC 2005

    Very good condition, starts great and has loads of power.
  11. thewarrior703

    KTM 250 EXC (2005)


    Very good condition, starts great and has loads of power.
  12. thewarrior703

    Yamaha YZF-R6 (2003)


    Got the bike on trade and it needs some carb work. It is a fun bike and completely one-off.
  13. thewarrior703

    Yamaha YZF-R6 2003

    Got the bike on trade and it needs some carb work. It is a fun bike and completely one-off.
  14. thewarrior703

    Mo-tard to dirt-tard

    I have a front wheel I would sell very very reasonably. Pm for info-I also have a listing for a full partout in the classifieds. Brandon
  15. thewarrior703

    Mo-tard to dirt-tard

    I just sold the rear wheel but have a good front wheel with rotor I am trying to sell. PM me and we can talk, I have an ad in the classifieds for parting out a whole bike out of Grand Rapids, MI