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  1. wannabe1

    CRF70 carb problem

    Update - I tool the carb off and stripped it down about as far as you can go. I soaked all the jets, bowl, choke, idle aand fuel screws in a can of new carb cleaner. I visually inspected all parts upon reassembly. The bike starts right up - but, still have the same problems. Bike starts well and will idle and respond to idle adjustments with choke on/closed. The bike runs well with choke off/closed but will not idle or respond to idle screw adjustments. It doesn't seem to matter where the fuel screw is. Bike will die with choke off if the throttle is not played. Could a little play in the needle be causing this? When I have fooled with the needle there always seems to be some play between the clip and the circlip device that holds it in. Air filter is clean, and properly oiled, but not too much. Plug is new.
  2. Stock CRF70, the bike starts and runs well, but only with the choke lever in the open/up position. Will idle here also. When the choke lever is moved down the rpms will increase and then go down and stall. Throttle can be held and it will run in the down position, but surges. Bike will also run with choke down, but backfires and cuts up. Could float be stuck. Choke lever down is the cloased warm position right?
  3. wannabe1

    thumpstar 110/120cc advice

    I personally owned the 120, after I got it sorted out a bit it was a great bike. The rear disc locked up the 1st day I had it and it was jetted very lean when purchased. If you search my previous posts on here (if they are still here) you can read my review and problems with the thumpstar 120. That is a good price for a new bike, my old one is a couple of houses down from me for sale and they want $900.
  4. 44 y/o 175lb out trying to wheelie daughter's (yeah right) CRF70. Bike is stock except for FMF Power Core 4 full exhaust system. I'll sit as far back as I can as I blip the throttle in 1st gear but the little bike just barely lifts the front wheel. I see guys on fiddys riding wheelies all the time. Is it the longer wheelbase that is killing me? Has the FMF robbed my low end torque? Will a 88 kit solve my problem? I know the trick about holding the shifter up and releasing it under throttle, but I prefer more of a roll on wheelie. How bout rear stunt pegs?
  5. Thanks five0, thats what I figured. She better build up that leg fast cause I don't know how long I can wait!
  6. My 10 y/o daughter can just barely kickstart her stock CRF70 now. She has only had it 3 days and I am sure her kicking ability will get better with practice, but how much harder would it be to kickstart with the TB88 kit installed? Daddy wants a big bore but not at the expense of my daughter not being able to start her own bike. Thanks.
  7. wannabe1

    thumpstar spp 125

    Post this same question in the pitbike forum, you will probably get some help there.
  8. What is the best bike to learn to wheelie on? I am a grown male. I have heard the honda CRF50, but when I had one, the lack of power and no manual clutch made it real hard to get up on one wheel. I also had a 120cc pit bike w/manual clutch but just never learned to reach the balance point. Would a larger bike (XR250) be better to learn on? How bout a 50 with an 88cc kit? My daughter needs a klx110, how are they for wheelies? I know its kinda of a squidly question, but hey, if the shoe fits.
  9. wannabe1

    dr650 vs drz400 vs 1150GS vs KLR

    You can't really compare the 3 thumpers to the GS. If dirt roads and luggage capacity are your primary concerns give the Suzuki 650 V-strom a look. Click over to advrider.com in the beast forum and look in the V-strom picture thread. Now if single track is on your agenda stick with the thumpers.
  10. wannabe1

    DRZ400S wheelie good?

    dhbiker, you dah man, that is impressive, but be careful on that thing. Your video and machine definately answered my question, thanks for the feedback.
  11. wannabe1

    DRZ400S wheelie good?

    I am actually dedicated streetbike shopping, but I have always liked dualsports and owned two (DR650S, XL350R) and a local dealer has a used 400S. How well does an unmodded bike wheelie? I would assume 1st gear is no problem, how about 2nd gear, do you have to clutch it up in 2nd? For the record I am not talking interstate GSXR type wheelies, just little harmless wheelies away from stop signs, parking lots, etc.
  12. wannabe1

    Who commutes on a chinese ds bike

    I can't help you on the question, but that is a good looking KTM. lol. I am going to start researching the chinese bikes also. I am sure somebody will chime in here shortly about commuting.
  13. wannabe1


    I had a 120 and had good luck with it after I sorted out a few initial problems. The rear brake locked up the 1st day and needed adjusted and I put some new DOT 3 brake fluid in it. The bike was running lean, but a needle adjustment cured that. It ran great from then to when I sold it.
  14. wannabe1

    Newbie question, is a pit bike for me

    Normally a pitbike is a 4-stroke, so the KTM is not considered a pitbike. Plus, other than the 110's most pitbikes are based on the Honda CRF50 platform or copies of this bike. Yes you can and will have fun on a pitbike, but you may find that you actually wreck more often on a pitbike due to the squirrely nature of them and the short wheelbase. When I had my Thumpstar 120 most of my friends would not ride it because they said it looked like I was riding a stick of dynamite just waiting to explode (lots of power in a small package). All that being said, if you have the extra $$ get you one and start having some fun!
  15. wannabe1

    TB88 kit with or w/o carb/cam

    Thank's all, let me recover from Christmas $$$ and I'll do the carb/cam/88 kit.