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  1. All the kids wanted dirt bikes when I was a kid growing up in Manhattan Beach. The field at 1st street and Ardmore was our offroad paradise for our String Rays and Mini Bikes.
  2. Truman Sparks

    Tuff Jug: CARB approved vs regular

    Lets make it simple: NEVER EVER store Gas in your garage. I Keep 20+ 5 gal jugs filled with fuel as it is 20 mile into "town " to get gas. They are in a shed that is 50 yards from the house, the only thing in that shed is fuel.
  3. Truman Sparks


    Yes you can get some copper sheet and cut new one I have do this before for NLA copper gaskets. But you might try just using some High Temp RTV Silicone just fill the joint with it the slip the pipe in. The copper is to keep the steel pipe from directly on the iron cylinder.
  4. Truman Sparks

    What beginner dirt bike should I buy?

    Honda CT110 then once you have had too much fun on that get a larger bike. After more than 50 years that I have been riding dirt bikes, the Honda Trail bike still are a bunch of fun you will be amazed where they can go with the Hi/Lo trans. BTW I ride a 510cc two stroke as my regular offroad bike.
  5. Truman Sparks

    How to de-water or dispose of gas?

    Dawn will act like an emulsifier releasing the surface tension in the water and fuel molecules allowing them to blend together.
  6. Truman Sparks

    How to de-water or dispose of gas?

    Put a couple of drops of Dawn in it shake it up and pour it into the truck.
  7. Truman Sparks

    Does car antifreeze...

    FYI good read on cooling: http://liquidintelligence.com.au/products/super-soluble-oil-radiator-coolant
  8. Truman Sparks

    Does car antifreeze...

    Here is what I have used for the last 40 years in my radiators. Water Soluble oil. It will increase the cooling due to reducing the molecular cling of the water on the metal and lubes the water pump seals. Use about 1/4 cup in your cooling system on your bike. Not sure where you are but this is not anti freeze so do not leave your bike outside in sub freezing conditions. https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/SLRSL2512
  9. Truman Sparks

    Any other swingarms fit an XT500?

    All things TT500 here: http://www.xt500.co/
  10. Truman Sparks

    Help! Can I repair a clutch side gasket?

    Try this: https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/BK_7651944
  11. In a emergency you could pee into your master cylinder.
  12. Truman Sparks

    Pit bike or big bike?

    I started out on Doddle bug then a a Hodaka 100, At 14 I got my first real bike a Triumph 500.
  13. Truman Sparks

    BRC 500 XCW 2 Stroke

    685cc are ready to ship: https://www.maico-bikeworld.de/en/alle-kategorien/maico-engines-2018.html
  14. Truman Sparks

    Come join us at Hammertown! - Booth #53

    Bring your Rain Gear looks like over an inch of rain on Sat. the dry lake will be a mud bogg. I wonder how the ultra 4 desert tire will work in the mud. I will be the in my Yellow FSJ Cherokee watching at the action.
  15. Truman Sparks

    685cc Aircooled Two Stroke

    Paul Kersey's English Cousin