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  1. mxrussuk

    SFB Clutch Cover

    yes, i have both the clutch and generator covers, i dont think it helps the temperature much but it does hold an extra 100ml of oil which can only help!
  2. mxrussuk

    570 Big bore kit......

    I have a dealer near me with 100mm big bore pistons on the shelf along with bigger head gasket, let me know if you want more details. I know they have raced smr570 with the conversion with good results.
  3. mxrussuk

    Water hole

    I am pretty sure its to tell you the outer water pump seal has failed.
  4. mxrussuk

    Switching to fat bar...

    To get the dimensions of your bars go to www.renthal.com and go to fit my bike.
  5. mxrussuk


    Kibblewhite or wmr valves! Does anyone know where i can get these valves? I want to fit a big bore kit but agree that valves etc need upgrading first. Here in the UK i am having trouble finding this sort of stuff. Any links or help would be great
  6. mxrussuk


    I have been looking into the same subject! Athena are bringing out a 280 kit including barrel in around september (no pictures). Wiseco do a big bore piston for it but only go to about a 267 i think and finally RPM do a range of big bore kits but a bit expensive www.rpmsbigbore.com Let us know what you find.
  7. mxrussuk

    Steve Drew in England

    Sorry, lost track of results as i was racing myself but i dont think he did.
  8. mxrussuk

    Steve Drew in England

    Just got in from an awsome 2 days racing at Lydden Hill and Steve Drew really was something to watch, spectacular..
  9. mxrussuk

    tyre cutting

    After doing my second race yesterday i have realized i need slicks, is there a theory to the pattern or is it what looks nice, being on a 250f it is lightweight and we have dirt sections so i thought having a few cuts in the tyre will help generate heat and grip any advice or pictures would be great. Also where do you get tyre cutters from??
  10. mxrussuk

    What is the stock jetting

    The owners manual is correct, there is a few misprints in the kawasaki workshop manual. If i remember right the 178 is std.Oh and its a long hex not short hex.
  11. mxrussuk

    changing gears

    I have 14/44 on my kx250f and that works a treat, it still pulls away no problem and is good for about 90mph so i agree 14/45 is not a bad place to start.
  12. Got my first supermoto race next week on kx250f, does any one think i should up the main jet to give more top end on long straights. How do i know if it needs more fuel two strokes seize what do four strokes do?? any help would be great
  13. mxrussuk

    250f supermoto???

    That is one awsome kxf, thanks for the picture its given me a few ideas!
  14. mxrussuk

    250f supermoto???

    I am thinking of supermoto racing my kx250f and i was wondering if anyone else had converted one. What sort of gearing did you run, what tyre sizes could you fit in swingarm etc. any help would be great.