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  1. Stephen_15

    2 Strokes still King...

    my local bike shop said they will stop making 2-strokes. it isn't "environmentaly friendly"...
  2. Stephen_15

    Hottie who rides a CRF 230

    there is a real fine girl in my english class... she has a XR-80...she is the only female rider i know.
  3. How much is the raffle tickets? Is there a deal goin on the tickets? i keep gettin a link but it isnt helping me! HELP HELP! someone just explain it for me in the forum plz.
  4. Stephen_15


    awwww ur so lucky...that is the bike i am saving for. How much did u pay for it? How old are you? How tall are you? cause i want to know if that bike is good for my size while riding. no matter what im gettin it though unless its too small.
  5. Stephen_15

    Help me with Raffle...

    Im still confused...how much does it cost for a raffle. Is there a way to buy alot for cheap. i am confused..
  6. Stephen_15

    CRF150 Top Speed is...

    Anyone know how fast the CRF-230F would go with the same mods ? i am planning on getting one.
  7. Stephen_15

    crf150 right for me?

    My friend with a 150F is about 5-7" 130lbs. but just go sit on one if u can. Sit on it and then go sit on the 230F. Not a whoooole lot of difference. But still a bigger bike. Click the LINK below to compare the bikes. Go look at that comparison. you can compare other brands too if u want. http://www.mrcycles.com/new_vehicle_compare.asp?sid=01299555X1K16K2004J2I24I25JPMQ792R0&veh2=8093&mfg1=1&veh1=8094&go2=Go GooD LucK
  8. Stephen_15

    WANTED: A good condition CRF150

    hey man. there is a thing called Iwanna near me. there is a CRF-150 for sale. http://iwanna.com/viewads/viewads.asp?id=53&sub_id=178&adv_id=1212&start=60&cattype=Wheels is link. in the mid page. PEACE. and Good LucK
  9. Stephen_15

    Help me with Raffle...

    How do i sign up for this raffle thing. i want to but i cant find or see any info. i could just be blind and not see it... will someone help.
  10. Stephen_15

    YZ-125 vs. CRF-230F

    hehehehe...actually this dealership is both Yamaha & Honda. they have both bikes and alot of em. i did sit on both bikes. the 230F seems to fit me a little better right now...but i still liked the (look,feel,power,stability,and size of the 250F). i have never owned a dirt bike of my own either, and dont want to start to big. i will start on the CRF-230F for now. but depending on $$ situatiion a lil ways down the road i will for sure be looking at the YZ-250F. Dont get discuraged at me for doing this. i see alot of people getting rid of both bikes anyway. and im just gonna start what i think is right for me. i will probably end up on a blue bike for a long time. but the Size/Price of the CRF-230F is what i think to be perfect for me at the time.
  11. Stephen_15

    YZ-125 vs. CRF-230F

    i got back from the dealership near me a lil while ago and they said that the YZ-250F was to big for me espeacilly for a beginner. before i said anything they recommended the 230F. they said that size wize is just about right but that the YZ was to big and strong to learn on. he said that you have to ride to form ur own opinion on what kinda bike u want. i am a beginner so i dont want to get "discouraged" he said. he says u cant beat a honda. he said the smaller the bike the better for jumps and speedy riding but i didnt totally agree. but anyway. im still lookin at the CRF-230F and YZ-250F. he also said that the 230F is a much better model this year than the YZ. its lighter, good speed, easy bike to get used to...etc. i keep thinking i should go with what the dealers say but i also have my own opinion. a friend told me to check out the KX-250F. its a nice bike to. but he said that its hard to find parts for it and that most people dont prefer them. all im doin right now is lookin for a job. then ill get my bike.
  12. Stephen_15

    Any significant diff between '03 and '04

    i wish my dad would by me a bike...here is him buying the bike for his kid lol...jk man. thats cool that ur in good enough shape to be able to buy a bike for ur kids. I NeeEED $MoNeY$ PM me if u can help at ALL...
  13. Stephen_15

    KX-250F vs YZ-250F

    which one is best all around. i will ride track/fields/trails and all that may come my way.
  14. Stephen_15

    YZ-125 vs. CRF-230F

    im not to hip on 2-strokes. i think i will look for a used/new YZ-250F, 03" or 04" model. so yall are sure that the 250F isnt to big...? cause i want a bike that will hall BuTT. and be very cooperative.
  15. Stephen_15

    YZ-125 vs. CRF-230F

    since the YZ-250F is all of that i will go look at it. Is the 2004 model the only one for all of that...? or is there a little earlier year. like 2003. cause i dont want an old bike. either 03' or 04' is my preference........