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    couple potental 426 buyer question?

    I recently bought a 426 and haven't regretted it, not even once. It's a great bike that's super reliable, powerful, fast and most of all FUN! I've ridden a lot of different types of bikes; 2-stroke, 4-stroke and, yes, even quads and I love my 426. It does so many things well. My only advice would be for you to sit on one on uneven terrain. These bikes are tall and that can lead to very exciting events in the woods. Good luck!
  2. Thor , got it off Ebay and saved 66% compared to sticker $.
  3. mudhog

    Why MX helmets?

    An offroad helmet is specifically designed for life offroad. Goggles offer better protection for your eyes. It's cheaper to replace a visor and/or goggle lens than a lot of face screens on street helmets. If you ride both dirt and street, if you scratch up your street helmet riding dirt, it'll look like crap but if you scratch up a dirt helmet, you can buy a Helmet Skin to give it a new look.
  4. mudhog

    Finally did it! Bought a Harley.....

    Well said I'm terrified other DRZ people (or anyone) might think you were one of us!
  5. mudhog

    Finally did it! Bought a Harley.....

    O.k. guys, different day, different attitude. My apologies if my ire seemed unwarranted but let's face it, a joke's a joke but a put down's a put down. Let's start over shall we. Chris, once more, congratulations on the new bike. You are entering into a different world than you may have experienced as of yet. You're going to meet a ton of new people simply because you'll be on a Harley. Why it's so is a subject best discussed over the course of an afternoon, not here in limited space. Now, as for the rest of you. IMHO...if you're riding, you're o.k. with me. Does it really matter what style/brand of bike you ride? Nope! You like to ride your favorite, I like to ride mine. I won't even try to justify or defend the riders we encounter who seem unfriendly or who make smart-butt comments about what you ride. We all encounter them, just be glad they're going the opposite way, after all, do you really want them to spoil your day by running their mouths at the next rest stop? I can agree that there are some butt ugly women riding as passengers on Harleys, believe me when I say that they don't look any better from the seat of my Harley. At least I can usually see em from a distance rather than get the hell scared out of me when some sasquatch lifts up the visor on her sportbike helmet As far as making a Harley a screamer, believe it. It may be somewhat involved to get one to do it reliably all the time but it's very easy to make one so fast that you'll put back stuff you haven't even stolen yet Oh yeah, for you guys that harp on AMF...if you haven't noticed, my Harley's a 1976 AMF Harley Davidson. Do the math...it's 28 years old. Doesn't it seem reasonable that in that amount of time, all the stuff that may have been wrong has been fixed? I guarantee that my bike's as reliable as your's. Instead of about what each other rides, why don't we just respect the fact that we all ride. I came to TT for two reasons, 1) learn about the sport I love & 2) meet and make new friends. Seems humble enough a desire don't you think?
  6. mudhog

    Finally did it! Bought a Harley.....

    Chris, congrats on finally getting the bike YOU have been wanting! One thing you've already found out is that there's going to be plenty of whiners available to comment on your new purchase. Fortunately, with the right pipes, you'll never hear them! As far as you wannabes, excuse me, whiners, get a life instead of trying to rain on someone else's. It never fails to amaze me how some people try to speak with authority on a subject they have very little, if any, experience with. As far as H-D riders being unsociable to sportbike riders, yes it happens. Funny thing, it never occurs to anyone that it may be because of the younger inexperienced "riders" that want to ride wide open, crash and give motorcycles in general a bad stigma. Sure, we have our share of a$$e$ that want to run around and act unsociable but there's also a heck of a lot of us who don't. I've done the club thing and we had bikes of all sorts ridden by members. We didn't care because all that mattered was that everyone was on two wheels. As far as the comment about the "type" of women attracted to Harleys goes, I'll take a woman over a girl any day. Entertain me with a story about the time your girlfriend/wife threatened to kick your butt if you sold your sportbike. While you're at it, throw in a story about how many sportbikes you've had handed down to you by your dad. As far as having to work on a Harley, when's the last time you changed the oil in your bike. Or how about the last time you laid a wrench on your thumper? If a bike's being ridden, it will eventually need maintainance. Older Harleys do require more but what the heck, considering Harley's seem to get ridden more often, not just in sunny weather, (that little screen doesn't help much in a downpour, does it? ), an extra amount of wrenching seems reasonable to me. I'll say this, NO MATTER what type/brand of motorcycle you ride on or off road . You're o.k. with me. Ride safe, ride often. If you're whining about what someone else is riding, you're wasting valuable riding time.
  7. Hooking up with an instructor for some lessons would be money well spent. Reading magazines like MX Action and Racer X can yield tons of useful info. You've already done the best thing I could recommend by joining TT! The riders you'll find here are the best people you'll ever find for help, info, parts, etc. Just don't expect the sanest folks though, after all, you have to be some crazy to want to do this sport.
  8. You may be able to contact the dealer, give him your bike's vin # and get the info you need to get a replacement registration. You may also want to check into filing a lost registration. Good luck
  9. mudhog

    painting hubs/rims

    Painting your hubs could work out o.k. but painting your rims may turn out to be more trouble than it's worth. Since the hubs won't see much direct contact with dirt/rocks, paint may hold up for a reasonable time. Painting the rims seems to me like spittin' in the wind. The only paint I've heard of that will give you any appreciable time before needing redoing is powder coating, (which is what I'd recommend for your hubs). Anodizing is the only thing I know that will allow you to change the color of your rims without immediatly having the finish deteriate.
  10. Don't forget to spray the seat with PAM, it'll make it easier to pull it back out when your butt puckers.
  11. Look in mx magazines and do a search for motorcycle salvage yards. I've found parts and complete assemblies through both methods. Also keep an eye on ebay, sometimes you can find deals there. Hope this helps.
  12. mudhog

    Dirt Bike Insurance

    Just checked on insuring my 426. Price through Farm Bureau is $1 per $100 the bike is worth. Based on the price I paid for the bike, (I haven't checked to see actual value yet), my premium would be $74 per year. Check them out. Based on this, you should be able to insure both your bikes for $1100 per year. Way better than $3000 + progressive quoted you.
  13. mudhog


    The only time I replace my helmets is if one gets damaged and I can't rely on it to give the protection it's designed for. The only glitch to my habit is if I find a better helmet, other than that, if I just want to change the look, I switch my helmet skin.
  14. Good topic to post but I think you know the answer to your question already. There are those who actually use the extra h.p. they get (racers), those who want it just in case they need it, those who just want it to say that they have it and some who are happy with their' machines as is. Most of the folks here at TT seem passionate about their' bikes and the whole dirtbike scene. It's a natural thing for those passionate about something to go to extremes. I know that everyone likes to personalize their machine in some way whether it may be a sticker or a performance mod.