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  1. I've had the Trooper and now have the V3. I didn't have the opportunity to try on the V3 before purchasing, and wish I would have. It fits bigger with the same size compared to the Trooper. IMO they're both excellent helmets, with the V3 being lighter, and, I think slightly better ventilation.
  2. Who's going to carry Suzuki? Is it that new Dale's Motorsports, or is that the wrong name? I've seen some billboards in DL for them carrying Arctic Cat.
  3. Hey, that would be really nice if they would build something out there. I finally got out and did some work on our track this fall. It's starting to come together fairly well. We've got a 60 foot tabletop, a 32 foot tabletop, a gap jump to about a 15 foot tabletop, 2 sets of whoops, and a step on step off section so far. The track should end up being about .6-.7 miles long when I'm finished. Hopefully I'll have some time in the spring to do some more work on it.
  4. Where do you normally ride? Is there anywhere to ride around Devils Lake? We spend a lot of time on the weekends in the summer on the water wakeboarding, and have wished there was a place to ride our bikes down there, too.
  5. I'm interested in being involved in some way. We're 250 miles NE of you at Munich (north of Devils Lake). I won't be able to make the meeting, but keep me posted with any info you have.
  6. What tv network is going to be showing the 05 outdoor MX series this summer- Speed, OLN?
  7. There are a few things you can't see from my drawing. The dike on the south side is sloped pretty steep, so there's a pretty aggressive off-camber down and up there before you head back north. Also, you're going to be jumping over the dike from both directions on the south and on the west, and my drawing doesn't show it. If it does end up being that fast, I'll just have to make it harder. I've really got the bug to start working on it, but planting season is coming fast upon us, and I'm probably not going to be able to do anything for at least a month. Making a living tends to get in the way of having fun sometimes.
  8. The most important thing is that you like it. It sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun out there this summer. It may be tough to judge just from the pictures you've posted, but it does look like some of your jumps are a do-or-die situation. I don't remember if you said earlier or not, but what ratio do you have on your jump faces (2:1, 3:1- distance to height)? It looks like some have a pretty abrupt takeoff. The only other thing I can think off is do you have any berms or are all the corners flat? You could put some berms out there, and really start cutting down on your laptimes.
  9. Sometimes in pays off to live out in the boonies where you have to drive 45 miles just to get to the nearest Walmart!
  10. I'm not really planning on making it an AMA track- just mainly for my family and friends. The track will be roughly 20-25 feet wide, though, to accommodate several riders at a time. I'm also going to make a few accommodations on the track in the tough rhythm sections for my kids and other beginner riders. My plan is to take out part of the tough section on one side of the lane while leaving the other side as designed. That way, no matter what the ability level of the rider, hopefully everyone can enjoy the track.
  11. Mx_Racer_11- I'll have to take that under consideration. I really liked the idea of a whoop section right after the start to space riders out a bit before they would hit the tabletop. I wouldn't want everyone to hit the tabletop all together, I don't think. I'm sure I will have to do some experimenting once I actually start riding on it and see what does and doesn't work. Thanks for the input.
  12. I'm going to have to work with that part of the track until I get it right. The finish line landing is going to be about 60 feet from the berm in the first corner, then the whoops are 25 feet from there, so I might have to play with the distances once I've actually ridden it, or will have to scrub some speed coming into that whoop section. Either that, or make it a mild whoop section that I can hit at speed. Thanks for the comment!
  13. To build our track, we'll have a Cat with a 14' dozer, another tractor pulling a 6 yard scraper, another tractor with a dirt bucket on it, and a small tractor with a blade on the back. I'm not lacking in equipment, just experience. Our track is going to be spread out over about 6 acres. Here's what my plan looks like: I have slope from the north to the south, and of course, can have water drain into the pond in the center, too. I'm probably going to place a couple small culverts or pipes on the south side of the dike on the south side of the pond so I don't have to worry about water pooling there, too. Then it should just drain into the ditch from the west. Hopefully I can make it all work out in reality like I see it in my head!
  14. That looks pretty good! I just finished up my plans for a track of my own to build this summer, and am pretty anxious to get started on it. Too bad getting our crop planted on the farm has to take priority. I'd be interested in any suggestions of things that worked/didn't work for you while building the track so I don't have too steep of a learning curve. About how long is your track?
  15. I think I've got the design down now that I want to go with (for starters anyway). I decided to make room around any tough spots for my kids or other inexperienced riders to go around. The track is almost .6 miles long now, with room to grow in the future. Now, all I have to hope for is enough time this summer to get it built. I've got some good clay right nearby that I can use for the jump faces to pack them in. I'm definitely not an artist, so I don't know how to show going up and over the dike around the pond on the track, but there are 4 places on the south side where you go up and over the dike, and 3 on the west side, so it may look like there's nothing going in there, there's a bit of "natural terrain with off-camber angles in spots due to the nature of the dike. I'm pretty excited- now, if we could just spring moving along here to get rid of the snow and dry things up!