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  1. Just like the topic says I need one of these 83-87 good used cam. if you have anything please let me know asap. I'm not on here much my email is mgsytsma@gmail.com Thanks
  2. We need an electric start kit for the xr650 like the joeracer or baja designs. I know these are both discontinued so I'm looking for a used one or a complete bike with the electric start kit. We will buy the whole bike if you have it and want to get rid of it. Please let me know Thanks Mike
  3. hontrx265r

    yz400 linkage question

    I know it is a little older. However I need to know what the lower shock width is between the linkage on the yz400. I have a link and I think I have a 426 one instead of a 400 or vise versa but my stuff doesn't fit so I need to figure out what is what. Could someone measure one and let me know?
  4. hontrx265r

    question about trans ratio's from 99-2001

    I know if you had the whole 426 trans or the whole 400 trans they will swap, but you can't mis match gears. I know they swap because the cases are exactly the same. I'm mainly just curious about the ratio's I'll check it out online. thanks mike
  5. I know that the wr and yz had different ratio trans post 2000, the wr being the wider of the two my question now is, how does the ratio of the yz, and wr's pre 2000 compare to the newer models. I know they are different, because I had my trans aprart with a 2001 in one hand and a 99 in the other both yz's and the gears are different pitch and size? Anybody?
  6. hontrx265r

    02 426 parting out?

    If your interested I'll start you off, I'll take the center cases crank and trans you could just strip the rest from the outside and sell the center to me. let me know my email is mgsytsma@gmail.com and I have cash in hand. Thanks Mike I may want the cylinder too, no head. I'll tell you right now I saw a good head off a 426 go for almost 500.00 the other day.
  7. hontrx265r

    yz426 cases NEEDED ASAP

    Anybody? I really need some cases like I said mainly just the right one. Also in need of tranny parts if anyone has any of those. I'd really like to swap for a wr tranny but let me know what you got. Thanks
  8. hontrx265r

    yz426 cases NEEDED ASAP

    I need a set of cases for a yz426/400 doesn't matter on year just need a set in good condition, really only need the right side but i'll take both if you have them. please email me at mgsytsma@gmail.com I'm rarely on here these days. Thanks
  9. hontrx265r

    Hot Pipe

    Its not normal, your bike is too lean!
  10. hontrx265r

    after autodecomp cam install?

    I just put a set of hot cams in my 426 and after a few hard hours its quite loud time to reshim I would be constanlty checking your shims and gettting it right, before its too late.
  11. hontrx265r

    How to wire up kill switch on 426 hybrid?

    Email me and I'll take some pics of my kill switch on my hybrid so you can see. mgsytsma@gmail.com QUADS!!!!!
  12. hontrx265r


    I have a question about this also, I bought a 96.5mm 440 for my bike, got the cylinder used but it is in excellent shape and though the piston had quite a bit of rock front to back inside the cylinder, a local shop said it is just because of the pancake style and I brought it to the yamaha dealer they measuered it and said it was perfect, I still didn't believe them and brought it back again they still said it was good to go (before they dropped the piston and f#*$ it all up and had to overnight me a new one) I put the engine together and it seems to run well but still scares me also people have said there are alot of cracked pistons from these kits any input guys
  13. hontrx265r

    Installed the Auto decomp cam and I have

    If you recall the hotcams call to run a thicker shim right from the get go but you have to know what your clearence was to begin with. I went to install my hotcams in my hybrid and didn't need the extra shim to be within spec I asked the local dealership (who I don't particularly trust but they are a yamaha dealer) and they said to shim according to the manual so thats what I did, also it really helps to have the chart out of the service manual when doing this procedure if you don't have it send me an email and I'll scan and send it to you mgsytsma@gmail.com
  14. hontrx265r

    Red Hot Head Pipe!!! RED!!

    I had this problem and eveyone said it was normal, Then I realized my hotstart had come off the head, and it was running extremely lean, It hasn't happened since. I'm glad it wasn't normal, I also have an aftermarket header
  15. hontrx265r

    yz426 engine question

    I just did a ton of motor work to my 250r yz hybrid, I was having problems with a knock that I just couldn't figure out. I talked to everyone I was also running wiseco hot cams and a 440 kit/ I thought it was valve noise I called wiseco and they said if you run their pistons with their cams it will work, I puddied it and it was plenty of clearance, doubled the base gasket like east coast said and still couldn't figure it out. Finally I realized that a yz426 gasket on a 96.5mm piston (even though it says it will fit) needs to be opened up with a drum sander the piston was taping the head gasket not the valves. Maybe that will help