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  1. Thanks Doc you have put my mind at rest, maybe I miss heard or they exaggerate a little hoping it will put you off to save government money
  2. Doc, do you have two minutes? just seen the surgeon and he has agreed to remove the metal on the 13th Oct, said if anything snaps during removal then it will stay in the bone and he will just tidy it up. I think he said there was about a 50% chance of infection does this sound right? Thanks Charlie
  3. Thanks Dr Mark, I was going to leave it in as it's been ok for the last year. I value your opinion and I’ll push to get it removed however things seem to move slowly here in the UK. Do you think it would be best to get the same surgeon who put it in to remove it? cheers Charlie
  4. Hi Doc, I broke my collar bone in March 2004. It didn’t heal so I had a bone graft from the hip in March 2006. Six months after the operation I had debilitating pain for 24hrs couldn’t move my arm without being in agony, anyway after the 24 hrs it was all good again until one year after the operation when the debilitating pain came back, this time it lasted for three days an x-ray was taken and no infection found nor had anything moved. I haven’t had anymore debilitating pain since but my question is do you think I should have the hardware removed? cheers charlie
  5. The surgen said they don't remove the metal until it's a year old and only if it's coursing problems other wise it stays in, he thought that it might course me to have problems and i have just recently. Not sure if i should go back and see them.
  6. I fell down the stairs the day after having mine done and it held fine. I had the op 1 year ago this March, It still gets sore every now and then and sometimes quite a bad pain but not very often. Doc said that they will not remove the metal until it's 1 year old, you'll probably be the same (probably uk standard) by the way they will let you take a photo of your xrays if you have a digital camera
  7. Get it done. Mine was broke for two years then i had the bone graft and it's been good since
  8. Broke mine in February 2004 had it fixed this March 2006 in a sling for seven weeks. had no problems riding when it was broken. not to sure if i should ride with the screws in though
  9. i talk to my self --- normally "oh sh?t this is going to hurt" or if i was winning i'd sometimes start to sing i don't beleive i'm confessing this
  10. check this out, can you help me find my 426?
  11. hi, Anyone had a bone graft? is it really bad? i've had a broken collar bone since February 2004 and the surgeon said they won't know if they can fix it until they cut me open, if they can then he said i'll need a bone graft. If they can't he said they can sew me back up and leave it or i could have the broken bit removed. what would you do? it doesn't hurt that much just uncomfortable sleeping on it sometimes and i have to push it back in place every now and then
  12. has anyone used these? What are they like? any good?
  13. doesn't work for me Error: 404 Document Not Found Address: Possible Reasons: The file you were trying to access is no longer available on this server, and the link has yet to be updated. If you typed the name of the file in by hand, you may have mispelled it, or added unnecessary characters by accident. You may want to visit the main page and then search from there.
  14. nick450, who did you get yours from in the US and do you remember what it cost? thanks for your advice guys
  15. when i use the feelers i like to feel a light resistance when you slide them back and forward. If they feel rough and juder i would say it's to tight. just my opinion. For the shims i used took 5 days and cost £3.00 per shim.