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  1. i have everything you need, i'm selling my supermoto and i'm willing to part the wheels and brake set up .... email me at
  2. Email me at i have a set of excel wheels, talon hubs, and brake set up that i am willing to part out with...
  3. how much can one really drop the front before the forks hit the bars? 1/2 inch??
  4. you guys are talking about raising the forks, you mean dropping the front of the bike right?
  5. cool, i have a gsxr from my other race bike so i'll throw that one on, does anyone know where i can buy a single line banjo bolt for it???
  6. damn it..... back to stock disk then.....
  7. so i had two different brake set ups a moto master, and then decided to buy the braking set up. i was told that the braking set up would work with the stock 426 master cylinder. so i was putting thing on i bled the brakes for about an hour and guess what? nothing, so i pick up the phone and call braking... and guess what? now they tell me it won't work with the stock master.... so here's my dilemma, does anyone know if i can mount a gsxr master and make it work? also as i mounted a rear rotor i noticed that it rubs against the ins in the caliper i sthis normal??? i'm going nuts.... thanks....
  8. yup that is the case.... ok what's the going prize for a used system... since i will sell the motomaster?thanks for the quick responses guys
  9. they are for a yz426f and they are the full systems, Motomaster caliper and rotor, and braking caliper and rotor
  10. hey fellas i'm new here but i wanted to get your opinions on this, which is better Motomaster or braking usa? i have both systems and want to sell one of them but i don't know which one is better. your help is appreciated also if you want the system i will sell throw me some offers. the braking usa is brand spanking new not yet installed and the motomaster is used