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    Any Good DMV in SF BA?

    I recently went to the one on Alma where I spent 2 hours standing in front of a lady who was clueless. She had to use her manual along with 20 questions to her co-worker and 6 trips back to quiry her supervisor. What a thrill!. Then to top it off, they charged me $300. to license the '03 exc 525. I was not asked to show proof of insurance however. I now have the kit installed and, as I understand, need to take it to the CHP office for verification of equipment. Good luck.
  2. brigden

    hour meter

    Thanks for the info. My first day on Thumpertalk and Voila! It works like a charm. Mucho gracias!
  3. brigden

    hour meter

    A recent dirt rider article suggests using an hour meter for service intervals. Where might one be acquired?