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  1. ry0ken

    My 2007 YZ250 ride report

    im glad you dig the bike KAS. it really is an awesome all around package! try giving it a while before you buy a fww. i put one on my 04' yz 450 and it definitely helped on that bike. but so far i've been very happy without it on the 2 stroker. i love the snappiness of the stock flywheel with this motor, and the ability of the motor to torque and grunt out of very low rev situations makes the need for a heavier fww a non-issue for this bike. i just think that many guys jump too soon to throw in a weighted fww becuz they are going to be using it on trails/hs/gp and think that its needed for that application. while that is true with many other bikes, i think the yz 250 shines without it. just my .02 oh yeah, make sure to get a skid plate to cover up that aluminum while riding in the oregon nastiness! works connection makes a fairly cheap one and the fit and finish on it is top notch.
  2. ry0ken

    Joined the blue ranks

    gratz KAS! the bike looks awesome!
  3. ry0ken

    Talked to Ty Davis today.....

    i cant beleive that you let him off the hook without grilling him for some top secret setup tips! you are slipping....
  4. found a link this morning regarding yamaha's continuing development with the 2 strokes. http://www.fullnoise.com.au/news/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_full&news_id=2592&cfid=420005&cftoken=75569660&dts=149200650235
  5. ry0ken

    Honda - No more 2 Strokes

    found this today and it looks great for yamaha 2 strokes! After Honda announced recently that it would discontinue it's 2-stroke range, Yamaha has come out and stated it will continue to manufacture and sell it two-stroke MX bikes. "Despite some doomsayers predicting the demise of the two-stoke engine due to environmental concerns, Yamaha is fully behind the continuing development of its class leading YZ machines," Yamaha announced in a press release. YMA Director/General Manager Steven Cotterell points out: "The two-stroke engine certainly has a place in competition motocross today. Our YZ machines continue to sell in great numbers to a dedicated fan base who prefer owning and riding two-strokes." "Yamaha has developed the YZ range into state-of the-art machinery powered by compact, free-revving engines running in advanced aluminium frames. There is no plan to cease development of these bikes in the near future," adds Cotterell. WURD!
  6. ry0ken

    yz 250.

    does howdy doody have wooden balls?
  7. ry0ken

    Whats the dif from 05 to 06?

    the 06 has far superior suspension than the 05, at both front and rear ends. also, the resale value as mentioned earlier. go for the 06, you'll be happy you did. also, $4000 for an 05 is too much. i picked up an 06 125 for $3699 about two months ago, i think the out the door cost was about $3850 or so. Look around and call all the dealers in your area, you can find great deals on 125 2 strokes right now.
  8. sweet ride report and nice pics! thx for making the office a little more enjoyable today!
  9. ry0ken

    Poker Run Course map? Eastline Quarry

    Steve, I think that the club that usually puts on the poker run out of Eastline Quarry is the Applegate Roughriders MC. I wish I could'a been over there to do the ride with you guys, last years poker run there was a lot of fun. Next time we go riding up there we should hit Gary's and George's trails, both of them are pretty cool. There are a couple nasty hillclimbs on the side off of those main trails too!
  10. ry0ken

    Dew Action Sports Tour....

    hi michelle! here is a link to the weeks schedule: http://www.dewactionsportstour.com/modules.php?name=Events&EventID=3&page=Schedule
  11. ry0ken

    FMF factory fatty

    if you end up trying this out, please post back here with your findings on the system. i'd be very interested to hear how it works.
  12. ry0ken

    Pac NW off road series, Is it possible???

    this is a great idea! would love to see it happen.
  13. ry0ken

    Spy goggles any good??

    i recently bought a pair of the alloy pro series in yellow/black graffiti and they are sweet! i wore oakley's before, but the spy's are more comfortable, havent fogged as much, and look better.
  14. ry0ken

    Why Don't More People Ride Enduro's???

    I can say that after racing MX, Harescrambles, and Enduros that Harescrambles are by far the most difficult. I've raced at numerous MX tracks (including Washougal and many that are no longer around) and I have never felt as thrashed from any race as I did this year at both the MonkeyButt and FunkyChicken Harescrambles. My body was screaming for forgiveness about halfway thru both races. I can't count the number of times i wondered if i would even finish! Thats a feeling that i've never had from any MX race...ever. Each type of racing presents its own challenges, and guys who are very skilled at one type will of course want to preach that style of racing is the best. Just try to keep an open mind to each racing style and try each one if given the chance...you never know, you may decide that you like it better!