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  1. Cable #2 is on its way out now...
  2. The cable went bad on mine in the first month I had it,no amount of lube would save it.Metal to metal very quickly.
  3. Can somebody please explain to me how the manufactures and all aftermarket companies have not made a super quiet,yet unpower robbing exhaust if this technology is indeed out there? I am all ears for it.
  4. That easy ehh...why hasn't anybody done it?
  5. I read the title and yet I still clicked on this thread...I must be slipping.
  6. Within the small are they have to work with? Im ready to see it.
  7. Isn't 24mm stock?
  8. I wouldn't call Dennis Stapleton or Willy Musgrave slow.
  9. Eddie...Dave,nice work!
  10. You use a lot of "our" in YOUR wording here,do ME a favor and dont speak for ME.
  11. and it still rips!
  12. I doubt it.
  13. Pump died with less than 3 hrs on the bike.
  14. Now thats a nice gain.