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    anti-freeze leak

    Thanks for the response guys. I just spoke the my buddy who said something similiar to what Bluedragon said "It just letting a little pressure out" . My buddy had a sportbike with the same problem (I think it was a 2000 Superhawk) and the dealer told him on occassion the bike will do that and that is the purpose of that hole. So he suggested that I just monitor it and make sure it doesn't leak a lot and make sure my fluid doesn't get to low. I will confront the dealer personally about this since he rides the same bike that I do and I will post his response.
  2. Agent007

    Raidiator water problem?????

    I just posted a similiar issue with my 03 WR450. I noticed a few drops of anit-freeze when I cold start the bike if it hasn't been started in a while. Check and see if did you notice the leak coming out of the bottom of the water pump housing. There is a predrilled hole there for some reason.
  3. Agent007

    anti-freeze leak

    It got up to a toasty 40 degrees out yesterday so I decided to try to start my new to me 2003 WR450. With a little bit of coaxing she finally turned over. After a quick ride around the block I noticed a few drops of anti-freeze right were I started the bike. It looks like there is a factory predrilled hole underneath the water pump housing (which is on the kick starter side of the bike, the hose from the radiator connects to the housing, obviously). Has anyone else noticed this or has this issue? I'm not sure wheather the anti-freeze is coming from the predrilled hole or the seam of the housing. The hole has got to be there for a reason and it is only about 5 drops of anti-freeze.
  4. Agent007

    Electric Start 03 WR450 (yeah right)

    Yeah, I just got the bike (03 wr450) with all the free mods this winter. It is a pain in the ass to start in the cold. I am alittle confused about not touching the trottle when starting it. If you kick start it and at that point were it is about to turn over you gotta give it alittle trottle, right? Or is this part of my problem? I don't know maybe In fouled the plug, I noticed that even after 3 or 4 miles of riding (this is the furthest i have taken the bike due to the weather) as I come thru 1st and 2nd gear I noticed the bike still hestitates even when I take the choke off.
  5. Has anyone brought a dirtbike from North american Motorcycle-Brokers, if so do they really give you a title for your dirtbike that you can use to registered it in your state?
  6. Agent007

    WR450 Woodruff Key Failure Poll - 1st try

    Just brought the a used 2003 wr450. Prior owner had the recall repair. No problems were reported.
  7. Agent007

    95% octane gas for WR 450

    I just brought a new to me 2003 wr450 and while reading through the manual while I was half asleep I thought I read something that said use 95% octane gas. Was I dreaming or is this true?