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  1. oppsthatsacliff

    Graphic Glue?

    I put some new graphics on and a couple of the corners did not stick. I used the product "Sticker On" and not sure if that helped or hurt. What kind of glue have you had luck with to keep the graphics down?
  2. oppsthatsacliff

    Vapor Billet Mount

    That answers it, thanks!
  3. oppsthatsacliff

    Vapor Billet Mount

    Does anyone know if the Vapor billet mount will clear a scotts steering dampner that is mounted in the conventional location (i.e. not sub or fender mount)?
  4. oppsthatsacliff

    Hot Cams Question

    I have a stock (motor wise) 2006 CRF250X. I have the opportunity to get a Hot Cams 250R stage 1 cam for a decent price. This is what Hot Cam's website says about the differences between the stage 1 and 2 cams. "What’s the difference between our stage 1 and stage 2 cams? Our stage 1 cams are normally a low to mid-range cam. Our stage 2 cams are mid to top-end cams." So if the stock X cam already has plenty of low to midrang power, would getting the R stage 1 cam really do anything for me???
  5. oppsthatsacliff

    Spoke Problems

    To what detriment will loose spokes have when you are riding? Poor cornering? Harsher landings?