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  1. use the manual, it only takes about an hour, then you know your good
  2. are there any major differences between them and if so is there enough to warrant getting an 06 vs an 07. other than the price difference
  3. oops sorry been on 250f for 4 years just used to going here
  4. what, if any differences are there; and are they major enough to warrant getting an 07 instead of an 06 thanks david
  5. send me your email and i'll send you some pics
  6. tell they should just buy my 06 for $3600 DPW. freshely rebuilt.
  7. uh wrong, i had an 05, and changed the oil after every ride checked valves just as often and still went through a head in less than a year. z
  8. sorry, taylors ive been in and out i sent you a pm. send me your email and i'll get you some pics i just took. david
  9. still for sale....how about 3600....any takers z
  10. read the manual, it tells how and thats how i did it on mine. z
  11. well atleast they offered something in 2004 had a kx250f (big headache and i paid for all the parts because kawi said nothing was wrong) 2005 had a crf250 (bigger headache and again i paid for everything) now in defense of these bikes my son rides hard on the top and i did all the maintenance more than was called for they just didnt hold together for him. Now in 2006 on the yamaha the ONLY THING i did was change the oil for an entire year. so yes i'll be making the purchase of another yz250f z
  12. Had the bike for a year son is an int. rider. Never had the recall work done there weren't any problems before that. yamaha paid for all the new parts. I'm buying a new yamaha like I do every year thats the only reason its for sale.
  13. built suspension by hbr racing, new 756's front & rear, new clutches & springs. nothing else aftermarket (like pipe etc..) . and i'm in texas
  14. texas, and i'll ship let me know your area & i'll get shipping costs for you
  15. you are right, and for $3800 you cant beat it. david