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  1. I want a ttr125, and all of my friends say that I should get one over a dr125, klx125, etc... But I am having a little trouble finding a ttr125, but I have found a couple klx125s, and dr125s, but my friends all say that I should keep looking for a ttr125 because they are better. Can anybody help me and tell me why a ttr125 is better than a dr125, klx 125, etc... since knowbody seems to have a straight answer?
  2. ttr125z

    Good 4-stroke quad

    Hey, I want to buy a ttr 125 and then a quad so I have something to ride in the snow, but I am kind of on a tight budget. So if anyone has any suggestions on a cheap 4-stroke quad that can be easily found in ny or by ny please let me know. Thanks
  3. ttr125z

    I'm buying a ttr125, and I need help

    www.bikepics.com/members/donkeyjyna/ :D :D :D :D :D :usa: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  4. ttr125z

    I'm buying a ttr125, and I need help

    If you guys want to see pics of the bike go to bikepics.com, then got to browse photo library, then go to yamaha, then go to tt 125, then go to year 2000 and it is the bike that says ollie125. Its alot easier and shorter than it sounds.
  5. If anybody has a ttr125 for sale, and live within a 2 hour driving distance from Rochester, New York please e-mail me at ttr125z@yahoo.com or leave a reply. Thanks -Anthony
  6. ttr125z

    I'm buying a ttr125, and I need help

    I offered the kid 1,000, and he still said no, even though he is not getting any offers
  7. ttr125z

    I'm buying a ttr125, and I need help

    I am only 14, and my parents won't drive anywhere farther than 2 hours plus I just got rid of an 80 2 stroke that I did not have that much luck with, so i don't know I would rather have a 4 stroke, plus they are quieter and I ride around my neidhborhood so it has to be quiet.
  8. ttr125z

    I'm buying a ttr125, and I need help

    I would bid on these, but they are in florida and boston, and I have no way of picking them up, or having them shipped.
  9. ttr125z

    ttr125 graphics

    Hey, I haven't gotten a ttr yet but I plan to. And when I get it I plan on getting new graphics. I was wondering if when you get the graphics are they new plastic w/ the graphics printed on them, or are they just stickers that I will put on the plastic. I was also wondering what happens with the gas tank, do you peel off the old graphics and put on the new ones?
  10. ttr125z

    I'm buying a ttr125, and I need help

    I live in Rochester, Ny. The parts that the bike is missing are the screw to adjust the carborater idle. A little piece for the front spokes is broken, The plastic is cracked and has stress marks, the grips are ripped, And a couple other things. But I don't know if I will have enough money to replace all of this stuff.
  11. ttr125z

    TTR125L or YZ85

    Hey, I think that you should get a yz 85, it is much faster than a ttr125, and more powerfull , but it is louder.
  12. ttr125z

    I'm buying a ttr125, and I need help

    Hey, I went to look at a 2000 ttr125 today, and the kid wanted $1100 for it. The problem is that the bike doesn't idle(it idles for a little bit, but then dies)and it is going to need new tires and a chain and sprockets soon, it also is missing some parts. I borrowed $200 from my dad for the bike, and will have to pay him back, and if I don't buy the bike I will only have $900. I was wondering If I should buy the 2000 ttr and try and fix it up, or try and save up for a brand new one and get it next spring. But I am only 14 and do not have a job, so I do not know if I can manage to get $2,300. Also I know people are going to say look for a newer ttr, but where I live there are not alot of ttrs and they are hard to find. People are also going to say look for a diffrent brand, but I really want a yamaha ttr. I f you have any suggestions please help. Thanks
  13. ttr125z

    Should I get the smaller ttr

    Hey, I am 14 years old and about 5,2 and weigh about 115. I was wondering I if should get a ttr125 with bigger wheels or a ttr125 with smaller wheels, Because I don't know if in a year I will out grow the smaller bike. Please help thanks -Anthony