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  1. Look ma it's post #1. Hi everybody... great forum. I've been haunting your threads for days, and I've learned a ton- keep up the great posts. Actually I'm between bikes right now but I'll be buying a new YZ250F here hopefully very soon. It will be my first modern thumper. 2 years ago you couldn't get me off two-strokes if you stuck a stick in my spokes, then I gave it a try and rode one. Well, instead of being smart and buying one I got married. Anyways I was flipping through Dirt Rider a while back, and they said that it was better to use a paper oil filter than a steel filter because the paper has better filtering qualities. But most of the people who own steel filters say the steel has better qualities and it's cheaper. I know steel lasts forever and saves you money, but if you change your oil every 2 riding hours, clean the steel filter along with it, and buy a magnetic drain plug or something, does paper still hold an advantage over steel? If so, are you shortening engine life by going with steel? Thanks for any comments