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  1. There seems to be a few issues with these bikes. Oil filters being crushed, connecting rods letting loose, cam chain tensioner issues. If I were going to spend money on a 250F, I would get a Yamaha. They are the most reliable at present. In a couple of years the KTM may be good.
  2. For a 300 exc they are supposed to be "inspected" at 60 hours. The bike currently has 92 hours and 2,096 miles. I just buttoned her up with only a new set of rings. Less than $100 for gaskets and all. She is ready for another season.
  3. The 250X MIGHT be faster on the trails. It would really depend on the rider. The CR125 would certainly last longer though.
  4. Here's what you do. 1. Fix the POS one more time. 2. SELL IT. Lot's of fools looking for those bikes. 3. Go buy yourself a nice KTM 250 or 300exc. 4. Go riding and enjoy life. Life is to short to put up with brand new bikes that won't run.
  5. Or.....you could go with a CR250R 2 stroke. That way you would have a lot more power and a lot less maintenance. Best of both worlds.
  6. Good god man! At 45 minutes you are overdue! Better check those valves on the double!
  7. My two strokes (KTM) will easily go all season on a set of rings. What's this every 3 races crap? Two strokes ARE cheaper to maintain than 4 strokes. I know. I have owned them both.
  8. I currently ride an '05 300. And I used to have a '00 300. A buddy of mine has an '01 WR250. Compared to his WR250, the 300 has more low end power, more midrange, and a lot more top end. The 300 is sometimes called a 3 stroke because of the good strong lowend power and tractability it possesses. My bike also has better suspension. Although that may be because it is an '05 compared to an '01. Get the 300. You will love it.
  9. This is absolutely correct. In to delay the opening, out to make the opening sooner.
  10. I couldn't agree more. The guys who ride these CRF's seem to think that these things are like Formula 1 machines. And as such, need constant care to keep them running. There is one thread about a CRF250X that died at 49 miles. And still, the riders defend them. I don't understand how Honda can sell them in good conscience. I have owned various XR's and CR's. All great bikes. But I will never own a CRF of any size. They are the biggest POS in the off-road world at the moment.
  11. Agreed. That's why I will stick with the two strokes. They perform AND are really very reliable.
  12. KTM's may not be as good as Honda XR's, but they are very close. And they are WORLDS better than Honda CRF's. My KTM 300 has towed one particular CRF of my buddies out of the woods two times now. I am confident, however, that one day the little CRF will finish a ride.
  13. Sadly Ron, that is true. The best bike I ever had was an XR400R. Completely bulletproof. These CRF's are a joke.
  14. I don't own one BECAUSE of all of the trouble I have read about. And if I were in the market for a 250 thumper, it would be a Yamaha based on reliability reports. I like Honda products as much or more than the next guy. I currently ride a Honda street bike. But, your brand loyalty seems blind to the issues that these bikes have. If your pickup had these kinds of problems, I doubt you'd feel the same.
  15. So let me get this straight. You are only allowed to have an opinion if you were unfortunate enought to have spent your hard earned money on one of these time bombs known as a CRF250F or X. I have owned many Honda motorcycles. Great bikes! I agree. But Honda needs to step up and take care of the problems these bikes have. In my opinion, the CRF series Honda's, have done nothing but hurt Honda's stellar reputation for reliability. According the "Money Pit" poll on this forum, almost a third of these bikes have major problems. That is unacceptable in this day and age.