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  1. I can find them for $2,500 in Arizona, what part of the country are you in ? Been riding an 02 since new, never had a failure.
  2. REBOB

    JD jet kit or not ?

    Is the JD jet kit worth the money ? Or is the sudco EMM needle and adjustable slow air screw ok ? Coast enrichener removed,can get plenty of jets. Thanks for your help. 02E full yosh
  3. REBOB

    Brake light addition

    Baja design clear LED.Nice looking . You also need a mirror.
  4. REBOB

    LED taillights

    DMV in snottsdale didnt even look at mine or my sons/03e&04klx.Showed them the title they gave us plates!I have an XR style tail light with hydrolic switch,small electric horn hooked to an extra kill switch and a flip up mirror.
  5. REBOB

    So what pipe are you guys running?

    Do you have a web site for sparks?
  6. REBOB

    EHS Racing airbox lid

    Do they have a web site for the lid? Do you have any photos ?
  7. REBOB

    cheapest prices on this quad

    My son just got one at apache honda in phoenix az.yesterday for 6099.00 OTD .
  8. REBOB

    ah yes,thats better.(pics)

    What tank do you have on it? Looks good!!!
  9. REBOB

    Are any of you guys running Dunlop 756 tires?

    Will the 140-80-18 s12 fit ? That's a big meat !
  10. REBOB

    got my nanual cct today

    Where do I get one ?
  11. REBOB

    Whats the best skidplate.....

    White Brothers ! Theye use the stock mounting bolts. 3 or 4 bolts and it comes right off.
  12. REBOB

    Next question Brake lights

    The stock wire is the way to go.I hooked it to the battery the first time and blew the bulb first ride. 02 drze az. plate.