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    BBR Rear Shock

    ill second that, if you dont experiment with it, you are just lazy lol, just imagine all the adjustments you'll hafta do with the F, it'll make the tt-r seem simple.
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    Adjusting 125L sag and seat height

    Heres the deal, im selling my ttr (dont worry im staying blue) but i would like to sell it to my friend, who is beginning to find his area of riding (mostly aggressive trail riding, and hair scrambles). currently he rides a 65, with a seat hight of around 30 inches i guess, and the 125L is a bit higher at like 32, i know your thinking, o thats only 2 inches, that kid can handle it. its also the weight issue, which works out to about 50 lbs difference. so heres the question, is there any way to make the bike sag about 2 inches w/out anyone on it? i have bbr springs right now i was thinking 50/50 with stock springs, then leave the bbr in the back an back er off on the preload, but this kid likes to jump, and the bike still needs to handle what he can do (were talking 20 foot doubles MAX, on a good day lol). he weighs in at about 90- 100lbs, and is 4' 3" to 4' 6" tall. i would just tell him to get an 85, but the parents are leaning towards going thumper. i know this is prolly blurry question, but any help is appreciated