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  1. I put in 1.5 quarts, idled for a couple of minutes then added the last .5 quart. I've noticed on most of my bikes that the oil reads low if I don't get them up to operating temp before shutting them off. I guess the oil is thicker when cool and doesn't drain down as well.
  2. I just did my first change today. Drained the frame and crankcase, changed the filter and measured out exactly 2 quarts. After riding it for 20 minutes, it was 2/3 of the way up the grid on the dip stick.
  3. I used dish washing soap and water then let it dry. Also, check the screws on the mounting plate for the petcock. Mine were not tight and it leaked like a sieve until I could get to the screws to fix it. Junk the wire bracket and make one out of aluminum stock or cut and bend the wire to mount on the tabs on the front of the frame. BTW, the mount holes for the wire are SAE 1/4"-20 of all things.
  4. That's just the replacement foam. You need the cage and the foam.
  5. I've gotten the 26 series from both carbparts.com and sudco.com
  6. I have the Pro-Taper Hogh CR Bend with the universal adapter. Together there is quite a difference in height.
  7. My '07 came without one. I went to the Ron Ayers fiche and found the kit. It listed all the tools and sizes. I used a tool roll and wrenches I already had. Better quality and cheaper than ordering the OEM kit.
  8. Sorry, XR650L. It appears to be about 200cc's from bottom of the grid to the top.
  9. I just figured there was some known volume associated with the cross hatch. My 1200GS is exactly 500cc's from the bottom of the circle on the site glass to the top. Makes it easy to keep from over filling.
  10. How much oil does it take to raise the level from the bottom of the cross-hatch area on the dip stick to the top?
  11. Several searches have yielded different answers. Is the pilot jet that comes stock a different series than what is used to replace it? The OEM pilot appears to be a 26 series and the recommended replacement is a longer 21 series. Does that sound correct? The OEM shorter pilot is recessed into the carb while the 21 series appears to be flush. Also someone gave a part number for a hex style main. I bought the 8mm round to replace the the same style OEM main jet. Which is correct?
  12. I've used a punch on the outer edge to rotate the plug on a DR650. Hold the punch at about a 30 degree angle and tap it until it creates an indentation to work with and then tap it counter-clockwise until it releases.
  13. What you describe is sometimes an indication of a lean carb setting.
  14. Mine '07 manual says 2.0 quarts without a filter change, 2.06 with a fresh filter and 2.4 after an engine rebuild or something to that effect.
  15. Bought mine in Texas. I'm removing the air pump this weekend.