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  1. Who has had a remap and liked what they were sold? Heard some sketchy stuff about one guy that did a lot of stuff on here, and another guy can't be bothered to answer his 2 Emails i sent... Tokyomods? SSW? RH? Who else?
  2. gotwings

    2017 CRF450R :)

    MXA is pissed at Honda because they won't pay them off like KTM does. They have straight up lied through their teeth for years about "shootouts" just to make whoever deals them the most "payola" and freebies look the best. This is from some well-connected industry insiders, but is a commonly known and often laughed-about thing in the industry. It's hard to see anything but KTM when you are so far up KTM'S a-hole.They will eat their words and choke on them, this time. They are such a joke that they are not even taken seriously by anyone else in the motorcycle journalism profession. It's the "Emperor's new clothes" syndrome over there.
  3. gotwings

    2017 CRF450R MXA update

    This is typical MXA bullshit. Jody is a Honda hater, always has been, and make up or say whatever they want to discredit Honda. They have been called out for it time after time. They don't report facts, only their own old-ass opinions. Kinda like the guy on the "2017 Crf450" thread who wrote about his clutch failing, he was sooo mad, ectc, didn't have any pics or anything, and he had just joined TT and this was his first post ever. REALLY??? LOL! &%$#@!ing liars...
  4. gotwings

    No spark -- at a complete loss

    Switch out the cdi box if you can borrow one. If it's not that, then the pickup on the stator is suspect.
  5. gotwings

    2017 Motocross Action 450 MX Shootout

    I just want to go on record and say &%$#@! MXA and &%$#@! Jody. They are historic liars and Honda haters and I don't believe anything they pass off as "fact". A bunch of sniveling old whiners...
  6. gotwings

    2017 CRF450R :)

    Omg no shit...I feel like I'm in kindergarten around here sometimes.I don't think the bike needs more power, but if an exhaust comes out that saves 4-5 lbs, it might be worth the cost. I think I would stay dual, tho, I believe in getting the weight closer to the center.
  7. gotwings

    2017 CRF450R :)

    Oh, and I'm not sure what the squawk about hard starting is all about. 2 kicks is all it has taken hot, even after I dropped it in a corner. 3-4 kicks cold, but it's been really cold here, so I suspect that'll get better when the ambient gets back up to a comfortable level...
  8. gotwings

    2017 CRF450R :)

    Anyways...I've got about 5 hrs. or so on mine now, and the suspension is just braking in. Starting to feel like butter, and messing with the clickers a little. This bike is amazing, clutch holds up well with 0 fade, chassis is very stable and gets the power down very well. The motor is incredible, I drag-raced a guy on a 17 sxf yesterday up Honda hill at Hangtown in map 2, and pulled him easily...I'm not sure what map 3 is even for, maybe it'll just be my Mammoth Mx map...lol. This bike is inedible and I feel like they built it just for me, because it fits like glove and it's very confidence-inspiring.
  9. gotwings

    2017 CRF450R :)

    Change it! I use rotella 15-40, although Honda says 10-30. It's always worked well for me
  10. gotwings

    2017 crf450 Dyno tuning

    Stickies, top of this section... Or Google
  11. gotwings

    17 honda clutch issues, already!

    That's weird that multiple testers from Int to pro can put dozens of hrs on multiple bikes and you are the only one to say this...and this is your first post ever on TT. Hmmmmm, maybe it's just you. Or maybe it never happened.
  12. gotwings

    2017 CRF450R :)

    Also, it's 11 lbs more than the sxf, not 13. Third place in the Vital shootout, but first place of the bikes that cost less than $10k.
  13. gotwings

    2017 CRF450R :)

    Oh, and I'm not a chick so I don't need electric start, just for the record.
  14. gotwings

    2017 CRF450R :)

    Personally, I only have 1 easy hour break -in on mine, but I can tell you that it's no joke. I was a little disappointed that they got rid of the separate oils, but I'm over it. Also, the hpsd mounts are there, already scored one on Ebay, liked it on my previous 2 bikes. Power is amazing...
  15. gotwings

    2017 CRF450R :)

    Anyways, if the jackasses that don't have a '17 will STFU, and go troll somewhere else, the adults would like to have a conversation about the bikes WE own...