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    hey im a really big dumb A$$ and lost my book that tells me how much oil toput in my 03yz250f.......i amleaving at 8:00 pm tonight and need to get oil in my bike....can someone please tell me much oil to put in my bike ??????????????? :D
  2. im clueless.......i have a 03 yz250f with a yoshimura pipe and header kit.. and everytime i go in to turns and let off the gas it makes popping noises. They bike runs strong still but when im just reving it up in nutral sometimes it bogs for like 1/2 a second.. i heard someone teling me to adjust the air/fuel???screw???????? Does anybody have ne clues or tips for me that i could do my self
  3. i have a 250F(03)with a yosh.pipe on it and everytime i go into a turn and let off the gas... a popping noise occurs.. some guy at the track said that itwas my fuel/air screw or mixture..can anybody give me some feed back on the "popping"noise