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  1. Had spark had fresh spark plug reeds and everything else was bueno turned out i also had a crack in the cylinder sleeve where the coolant sat and was dumping into my motor.. so i bought a new cylinder still nothing bikes at the shop now so when i get it back ill let you guys no what the deal was.. thanks
  2. Whatsup guys i just rebuilt my cr125 (top and bottom end) with hotrods crank and namura piston. I followed everything the service manual said to, torqued the engine bolts to spec etc. so i put it back in the bike only to find now its not getting spark. Take care of that and set the timming correct and start kicking.. After about 20 kicks an no starts my pipe got REAALLLY hot.. ten more kicks it fires up and makes a weird noise and shuts off.. the motor started to smoke a bit after it shuts off and gives off a horrible burning smell. also as i am kicking it sometimes it tends to slip in certain spots like its not grabing the kickstart gear or something.. ANY ideas are much appreciated before i go spend even more taking it to the dealer so i can finally get out and RIDE!!
  3. Im going to look at/buy a 01 cr250 in a few days and need some advice on what to llok for. any problems with 2001s i should be concerned with?
  4. And there is a brand new piston i there i almost forgot
  5. Im looking to sell my ktm 65s motor with a loose crank(shop says just put new bearing) non working clutch and thats really it. And the carb is bad but carbs don usualy matter when your selling a Motor. Used RUNNING ones go for about 600 is say 400 a fair price? Considering i have to take it out of the frame and piece it down?
  6. Im picking it back up from the shop today and there giving me a list of what it needs, i no for a fact the carb is done, the crank is bad, and the clutch is bad. I put a new topend in it but since the crank is bad it doesnt matter it wont start i think thats why they estimated it to be so high becuase they wouldnt reuse the piston in there that had 0minutes on it.. they just want more money i guess. are you near new jersey at all? All in all if you no how to do a crank and clutch itll fire right up and a used carb is mayb 70-80 bucks(i just dont have the time myself to do any of it or i would
  7. Hi guys i have a 05 ktm65 junk bike that has a completly trashed motor( didnt no it was as bad as it was wen i bought it) its literly just gonna be a project bike becuase its gonna cost 2 grand to fix. I wanted to see if it would be difficult to just put a 85 motor in to have the ultimate play bike. Or shuld i just stick with a 65 motor and not waste my time?
  8. the cable isnt snagged i re looked at it its a brand new cord and you were right the piston doesnt look lined up but when i twist the throotle it turns/twist(dont no how to describe what its doing exactly) when coming back down?
  9. ive had a 05 ktm65 for about two years or so and only ridden the thing tops of 5 times. it blew up from the previous owner neglecting the poor thing mismatching bolts just a ktm turned into a junk bike, i rebuilt it with the right bore size right torgue on head bolts but when i kick it over it immediatly sounds like its a 10000 rpms and cannot for the love of god figure out why/ any suggestions aprrreciated!!
  10. can anyone help me out on how to hook up a kill switch without the install kit kit. i dont know how to splice the wires or do any of that, its for a raptor 660.
  11. Just go for it. Trust your self and the bike. That doesnt mean hit a 100ft jump the first time..
  12. thnks alot i might just end up doin an axle for right now and have been lookin bettween the rpm and gforce, and im puting hiper beadlocks on it to make it tht much more wide. im lookin at fullflights for a little bit later and ther gonna even it all out so i dont have to do suspension
  13. Ive been looking into axles for my 660 and came across gforce. has anyone had good experience with em? and do i really need to put aarms to match it or will it be fine?
  14. i didnt because i wasnt there my brother and dad went cuz i had work, trust me if i saw these things if i had went i wouldnt of bought it. its funny cuz the kid told my dad he babied it....
  15. alright i just picked myself up a 2005 ktm65 a few days ago off craiglist. i honestly no nothing about ktms except for there expensive to fix and buy parts for. any way i get the bike an its completely dirty. oil and gunk everywhere. no biggie ill wash it off, thn the chain pops off thn the tip of the exhaust is loose cuz a rivet isnt there. and thn pull it outta my shed and kick it and the kickstarter flies off and strips(at this point im getting frustrated with it). im hopping it ends here cuz i have to buy another one so well see. i was just hoping to see if anybody has any problems with theres and if they truely are good bikes. any info would help alot
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