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  1. crayztwentyseven

    325cc kit

    Damn this is crazy! I am currently trying to tame down my EG295, i have got 15-48 gearing and a flywheel weight to tame the freakin bike down! I race mx and Dez all the time and my bike has an insane midrange hit i am trying to alleviate. HOW DO YOU GUYS HOLD ON!!! It is very cool to see someone making new products for our bikes though! Long live the two stroke! I would definately like to ride one, but not own...I would die!
  2. crayztwentyseven

    Front fender question Yz250

    i did the same thing. works good. bought all plastic in white, it looks pretty slick!
  3. crayztwentyseven

    what year is this rip off yz 250?

    man this is a horrible thread! I feel like it just comes down to the fact that I cant trust this dude. Bad ebay record and a really shady looking ebay listing. Maybe...just maybe..... he didnt know that the bike has been molested. But thanks to the OP for pointing this out. I would Stay away! As far as price. wow i cant believe hes getting 4K for it. I bought a 2010 yz250 for 1800 this year in central cal and it was in great condition.
  4. crayztwentyseven

    Help! FCR 41 jetting?

    no flat spots, power is very linear and much more responsive. I have never tried an Eddie, but I got this fcr41 for less than $300 off a ktm450. I am very happy with it. I am going for a pretty long ride around the grand canyon in a week and I rebuilt this bike with some very nice components but i still wanted a little more power while keeping it very stock (stock to ensure the great reliability) This has done the job!
  5. crayztwentyseven

    Who has switched from 450 to 250-2stroke?

    i also grew up on two strokes, yam 50, then rm85, cr125, then kx220. The last time I owned a two smoke it was a 1998. I think its time for a change. I miss the lightweight and cheap maintenence of them the most I think. Also the smell!!
  6. crayztwentyseven

    Help! FCR 41 jetting?

    Thanks Thumpn!! running same needle 160 main and 40 pilot. runs great. Holy cow... great power!
  7. Hey guys, I am just curious. I have been racing and riding yz450's since the first (03). I just sold my 06 yz450 and my 08 yz450, however I am keeping the 03. the 03 is just sooo powerful and I have put too much money in it to ever sell it. Anyway back to the question. I have been wanting a yz250 to rip around on and I would like to hear how happy you other transplants are since switching. I am quite sure I am going to buy a newer one anyways, but I just want to hear your thoughts:ride:
  8. crayztwentyseven

    Help! FCR 41 jetting?

  9. crayztwentyseven

    Help! FCR 41 jetting?

    Hey guys, i am putting a fcr 41 on a brp xr600, I was wondering if anyone had done this yet to a fairly stock 600? I have done a search and can only find where guys posted jetting settings on bikes with big bore kits and so forth. But this is a bike with only a pipe upgrade and opened up airbox. The bike needs to be set up with efficiency and reliability in mind, so thats why I am not going with any big mods right now. So... anyone got any suggestions? I need a good starting piont. Any would be appreciated.
  10. I got a couple 450's and i would say that they are two to four times faster than my 98 xr600(well modified) and 20% lighter and handle two times better. But alas.. i live in communistfornia and the xr is just about my only option to ride a dirt bike on the street. the crf needs reliable meticulous maintenance, but the yz450 needs no more than the xr.
  11. crayztwentyseven

    What did you do to your pig today?

    I rode it!.. on the street...In california...In San fransisco...and did a wheelie...
  12. I really hope you are joking.
  13. I showed up at prarie city a couple years ago on the day that the red sticker riding ended (april 15 i think) The lady at the gate let me in... after looking at my sticker. But later a ranger stopped to talk to me while resting at my truck and told me he could ticket me right now because red sticker season was over. I asked if it was over last night at 12am or tonight at 12 am. He thought for a moment and told me he will let it slide since they let me in. But next time the fine was $160. and dont bother coming back in the off season again:rolleyes:
  14. Thats great news about the mini bikes, i have been wanting to get one! Time to go shopping. thanks OP for letting us know, i knew nothig about it. As for the ridiculous side argument about our decline/debt.:bonk:I am over it.
  15. crayztwentyseven

    For the Nor Cal experienced riders...been everywhere crowd

    I do agree these trails are quite good, I dont know about BEST in Norcal. However i will never be going back to FH anytime soon(unless a Wednesday or something). Too many people