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  1. Matan

    How often do you change your oil??

    On my I'm Changing it every 1000KM[including filter]..or sooner Only Dirt use...
  2. Matan

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    somthing dry that once grows on the sand..it's not really stock in the tire..
  3. Matan

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    This is my 07' drz400s, soon it'll get FCR,carbon skid plate,radiator guards,palstic fuel tank, E model air box and Dunlop 739 tires.. all waiting for installation until the new intake manifold arrives.. now it's only got CFC side guards and UFO handguars..
  4. Matan

    MOD for DRZ400s

    OK...Thanks a lot!! I'm now waiting for the manifold...wiil arrive only in two weeks..will update how is the "new" bike..
  5. Matan

    MOD for DRZ400s

    It's from a DRZ-e and it's got a TPS, so it will work ok??
  6. Matan

    MOD for DRZ400s

    Hello! I bought an FCR carb,cables,air box and Youshimura for 07' 400s..still waiting for the intake manifold.. i heard the the TPS won't fit with the old CDI, what you have done? an E cdi?? Matan.
  7. any changes in replacing motor-oil between 2002/3/4 models to 98???
  8. Matan

    I want to...

    Replace the engine oil+filter and i dont have to manual guide, please someone can help me?? I would like to know what to do first anfd what to do next...setp by step... the bike is YZ 400 98
  9. any one know where from I can download it??