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  1. moto_rider7755

    1989 cr 125 help

    Unless you are an experienced rider who loves to rev the bike and slip the clutch, I would not buy a 125 for the trails. They have almost non existent low end torque (especially older ones) and you have to rev the hell out of a 125 to make any power. Torque is your friend on trails
  2. moto_rider7755

    Which enduro bike?

    From a 150 to a 300? That's quite a broad range...completely different bikes...leads me to believe you have no idea what you are looking for
  3. moto_rider7755

    crf250r or crf450r

    Just wait until you trash the engine in your 250f and spend $1000 on parts alone...that 2t oil isn't so expensive after all
  4. moto_rider7755

    Which enduro bike?

    Maybe you should consider a KTM 200?
  5. moto_rider7755

    kx/cr500 trail bike?

    I know a guy that rides a cr500 on tight trails. He is a damn good rider, but many of us can't figure out why he didn't buy a 300...better suspension, better handling, and plenty of power. I ride a 300xc...for you, I think a 300 XC-w would work best because of the desert HS. I feel like people ride 500s to say they ride a 500 2t. They are sort of cool, but at the end of the day, they are outdated
  6. moto_rider7755

    crf250r or crf450r

    Tired of buying 2t oil? That is hilarious!! OR Racer is right...you are complaining about 2t oil and talking about buying a 250f...makes no sense
  7. moto_rider7755

    Buying a new bike need help?

    Crash really fast, here is your quote from another thread recommending a 300, care to elaborate? Posted 15 December 2012 - 12:36 AM i looked into 300s when i was moving up from my 125, ive seen alot of people and magazine articles say its the best used 2-stroke money can buy. right above the yz250. that would probably apply to new bikes also. the years they gave for the 300 was 2008-present, yz250 was 05-present. 250sx 07-newer is usally up there to. i would look into the 300 if i were you
  8. moto_rider7755

    Buying a new bike need help?

    +1 again...isnt it cool when people repeat what they read on forums and want to debate with riders with first hand experience
  9. moto_rider7755

    XR350R vs CRF450R vs RMX250?

    How do you figure an old rmx is lighter and more nimble than a 450?
  10. For your situation, I would recommend selling the crf and going back to a xr..you usually pay for performance in some form
  11. moto_rider7755

    2012 KTM 300xc Price

    Prices are geographical, so not sure if this will help. I'm looking at a 2013 300 XC for about $7500 before taxes. I Could prob get a 2012 leftover for $7000 before tax
  12. moto_rider7755

    XR350R vs CRF450R vs RMX250?

    I'm surprised you had issues with the xr as they are widely known as ultra reliable and bulletproof..I've owned a few. The crf450r is certainly no trail bike, as you discovered and it's no wonder you had top end issues on a well used one. I hear the rmx is a good bike, but never owned one...seems like it would be a tank compared to the crf. Save some cash and buy a clean used KTM 300...you will never look back
  13. moto_rider7755

    good tire

    Sort of the wrong forum...but I've had good luck with Bridgestone 404's
  14. Get the 300...mine is the best trail bike I've owned. They say the 2008 models handle better than prior years.
  15. moto_rider7755

    Buying a new bike need help?

    Please enlighten us...what is reliability based upon?