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  1. Do you know where the original owner got the tripleclamp/fork set up? Trying to upgrade our now and am having a hard time finding anything anything.
  2. Jes... Looking to see if you wanted to sell the Maunal clutch set-up. My 16 yr old needs a little more out of the 110 and this is the only thing left for my to upgrade. Please let me know. I have paypal and can make payment today. Thanks, Eric
  3. I have a 2007 Honda 250R with a 37mm from a 2008 Suzuki Rm-Z250. We have always had a hard time getting it fired up. Does anyone know the actual size of the starter jet from the suzuki? The part number below are from a 2005 Honda and a 2008 Suzuki. Thanks for the help. 09492-35G00 - 2008 Suzuki Jet, Starter 99112-KRN-0680 - 2005 Honda JET, BY-STARTER #68
  4. Any recommendations on who to send the head to? Thanks
  5. Yes but it was all ready beginning to have the starting issues prior to the valve adjustment. It just seems to be getting worse now after the adjustment.
  6. I had to loosen the left intake valve. I did that Sunday the 16th. After that the same day I installed the modified decompresion lever.
  7. Are you running the 40mm or 37 mm carb?
  8. No...I recently installed the decompressor lever I had modified and still doesn't help.
  9. Recently started having an issue with my son's bike. It run great but recently has been a pain to start, if it starts at all. We can bump start it fine but it will not kick over. I checked all the valve clearances 2 days ago and evrything is in spec. I removed the bowl and verified all the jets were clean and debris free. My buddy thinks one of the vent hoses are clogged. I pan to take it apart after this weekend but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this problem. Any suggestions?
  10. Anyone try one of these yet. I am very curious if it will help out with the starting hot issue. Lenhartsville, PA – Boyesen Engineering has now released the NEW QuickStart. Hot engine starting is no longer a problem. Currently available for ALL Keihin FCR carbureted MX, Offroad and ATV models. The patented performance of the proven QuickShot system, now with adjustable leak jet and hot start assist integration! A serious step towards EFI levels of performance. This 3rd generation QuickShot combines amazing innovations that: 1 - Solves tricky 4-stroke hot engine starting problems. 2 - Provides an adjustable leak jet circuit for quick hand tuning. 3 - Eliminate boggong and hesitation from trapped air in the system. Together with the Boyesen unconditional guarantee, the QuickStart is the most effective way to add performance to your Keihin FCR carburetor. Quickshot 3
  11. I am in the same boat. I have a 2007 CRF250 and the bog is killing me. I have read that the mod will not work on the 2007 and later carbs but I am going to look into it tonight. I went a head and found a pull-off 37mm carb from a 2007 RM-Z250. I have the quick shot and JD jet kit on mine but am still messing with the jetting.
  12. Honda

    It really depends on what type of riding you do. I ride trails and sand. For the sand, I have 20x10x10 7 paddles haulers. They rip. Good for both, drgging with the friends and playing...
  13. Honda

    I know on my wife's. Because of the WB rev box the battery has to be fully charged to start it. COLD blooded, but its still red...
  14. Honda

    I have never heard of this but I am going to try it. I have the LRD pro series full system, HRC kit and K&N filter/outwear. Mine doesnt stumble but I would think it would pull much harder down low. Thanks for the tip...