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    Advie about full bike decal kits

    see the problem with just spraying the windex is that the graphics don't properly stretch and adjust to the plastic. One of the TT members had a nice solution...Look it up. But the basics of the idea is to heat the oven up on the lowest setting, and lay the stickers over the plastic. Wait about 10 minutes then spray windex and use your license to go apply the sitcker. It works really well. It was my first time applying my full body kit and it worked out awesome. Oh ya don't make the mistake I did and let the sticker hit the bottom part of oven, it singed part of decal. Other problem is that you can't fit the fenders in the oven, so just use a blow dryer. Good luck
  2. RideGreen

    Graphics How to

    Ya I used the advice that was given by a member on T.T. Do a search, and what it basically tells you is to put the graphics in the oven on top of the plastic. It was my first time putting graphics on anything and It worked perfect . No bubbles at all. Only advice on that procedure is make sure the oven does not get to hot, and don't let the graphics hit the bottom of the oven or any metal pieces, cause they will melt.
  3. RideGreen

    Stripped Bolt

    Hey guys I really need your help. I was changing my oil on my kxf and I accidentally stripped the biggest bolt underneathe the case. Its leaking pretty bad. I was wondering if there was a mickey mouse fix for this. I really don't have the money to buy a new case, and also I want to go riding on thanksgiving. Thanks guys.
  4. RideGreen


    I mostly to trail riding, and some MX. Well I wanted more top end. What are the conversions, like do I get more bottom end if I go smaller, or is it vice-versa? Thanks
  5. RideGreen

    Riding shorts

    I just bought the FOX 360 shorts, It getting to hot to ride with pants. The cost is high these shorts ran me $96, but I love them. The padding on the hips is thick and good quality. The airflow you get is beautiful . I wore them last week for the first time and one thing I noticed is that you have to buy shin or knee guards, cause roost and rocks will pick at your knees. As for monkey butt, I just wear basketball shorts underneath and that eliminates any kind of monkey butt. Gluck
  6. Well looks like your going to get a good start with those tech 6's or 8's, I think the ankle support and boot is the most important piece of equipment. Any brand of helmets will do as long as it fits right and you tighten the straps. No need to go out and get a FOX or another expensive brand. I have an hjc and took really hard spills on that thing. I wear a thor chest protector, which is working out awesome Just feels a little bulky sometimes. Gloves - I love my Fox gloves, they have saved my hands. Gluck
  7. RideGreen

    List of Happy Owners

    This is my first dirt bike ever. I came off a quad. And it is everything I wanted when I purchased it. Only complaint I had was that I kept washing out, I put a dunlop on it, and its runs beautiful. I couldn't believe what a good rear tire would do for this bike. The bike is so light in the air, and handles beautiful. I'm happy.
  8. RideGreen


    K I decided to go with the Maxxis IT or the Michelin, welll one dealer told me to put the 110/90/19, cause the traction would be awesome in the desert and on track. Well another dealer told me to go with the stock size cause the bike is going to wash out with the larger tire on the track, although he said the bigger tire would do great in sandy portions of track and trail. I mostly ride hard terrain trails and track. I'm stuck. Which tire size should I go with?
  9. RideGreen


    Will you wait about a week till I get paid? Just a college student trying to get a nut!
  10. RideGreen


    are they a pain in the butt to put on? And how much?
  11. RideGreen

    My 9 y.o. daughter wants a quad

    My uncle has 4 children ranging from 8 to 13 all eager riders. And he did his fair share of research, what he ended up with was the honda 250ex. The damn kids won't get off that thing now. Its automatic, so theres no rush to learn clutch. It has plenty of power to go on any trail, it took me up a pretty hairy trail. But at the same time the bike is really tame in the lower gears. Its e-start. Its a 4-stroke. He hasn't had any problems with it, they run this bike into the ground. Suspension is a little stiff, but that can be adjusted. Handling is awesome. As you can tell by my screen name, I'm NOT a die hard honda fan. Its just that they did a nice job on this bike. Oh I know the bike says for older riders, but the 10 year old has gotten use to bike fast.
  12. RideGreen


    I'm in a hole right now, on whether I should go with the n-style or the fx graphics. All I want is the rear fender, and both shock protectors. And also the number plates, I wanted to do them black. Any pictures of graphics on the kxf's.
  13. RideGreen

    Throttle sticking ??

    I had that same problem, but I was at fault for that. I put renthal's on, and I didn't put those cables on correct on the throttle tube and kept stretching them. Well now it sticks . Its not much of a problem when I'm riding, no high idle or anything. Just looks annoying, so I guess I'll be needing new cables.
  14. RideGreen


    Its funny this conversation comes up, cause I just got sick and tired of the stock tire. So I went to my local shop, and asked for a 100/90/19 maxxis IT rear tire, the guy looked at me funny and thought I was running a smaller bike. He said that the 125's and 250f's come small, don't know why. But he recommended the 110 and said it would take away about 3-5mph on top end, but he said the tire would hook up great especially in terrain where your only using 2,3,4.
  15. We have this problem alot with about 6 riders each time we go out. They all vary from very fast, to noobs. And the best thing that seems to work out is to stop at every "Y," that is stop when the trails seems to seperate into subsections. It always seems that the slowest people are on an average 5min behind, and it works out great to regroup and experience each trail togather. I think you made the right decision, but the fault is with the leader, who didn't stop and wait for the others. As a leader you should know where every person is at, and communicate to others what lies ahead.