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  1. Old_604

    California Snata Clara SX?

    Hey everyone......the wife just said, "You want to take the kids to the Santa Clara SX? It's pretty close." Uhhhhh, YEAH! So, in the past I remember there being a "family" section at the races. Anyone know how to find out if that still exists and/or what section that may be? Kids are only 7&5 so no need to bring them around a bunch of foul mouthed knuckleheads doused in cheep beer at a SX race, they get enough of that exposure around the house. Thanks.
  2. Old_604

    California Fort Bragg riding?

    We'll be moving up near Fort Bragg middle of next year. I have been doing a bunch of mountain biking up there and the trails are great. But wondering what's available to moto up in that part of the state? I see trucks with moto's in the bed....I'm assuming they're not just driving around town posing.... TIA
  3. wow! That is some jacked up sh!t man. I sure hope those guys were caught by the law. That's insane. WHY? would someone think this is ok??
  4. So, I had a buddy that took over a basket bike. The old owner had grenaded the motor. The owners dad left the bike at the moto shop, and started amassing a pile of new stuff to rebuild it. But before that finished, the guy made some deal with the owner, and it got left in the back of the shop with all the new parts in a box, but no will to be thrown back together. At any rate, my buddy did a trade and wound up with this bike with the intent of rebuilding it and riding it. But after 9months of doing nothing, he happened into a great deal for a 450f.....so now he pawned it off to me for the fine fee of 'come pick it up and it's yours'. How could I refuse! I've got a `00 YZ426 and a KTM 450eXC now and the idea of a smaller bike to have fun with was too much to pass up. The bike has only a year and half of riding time on it, but I suspect a hard life of track duty being rung out by a kid. So, I'm starting to tear it all down and clean it up and about to start getting to the motor. My plan for this bike would be the occasional track session, but mainly a trail bike. I'm a big guy, but not overly aggressive/skilled, and at 6'2" 250lbs I'm sure I'm going to get the suspension done before I ever kick over the motor...but as far as the motor goes, should I get a 270cc or 290cc kit? Like I said, everything is already there to turn it back to 250cc stock, but I figure another $300 might be wisely spent on a big bore kit for my size. Figure, you know, it's the time to do it now if I'm going to do it. Or should I just throw it back together stock, clean it up, and sell it. And sell the 426, and throw out the EXC too and get newer 250 2-stroke and pump it to a 300 and live life happily ever after?? I'm sure the wife would be happy to have a few less bikes around... Looking for guidance here folks. Too many options!
  5. Stole this from a website: """"""" What are the limitations of the procedure? Surgery is intended only to remove pressure from a pinched nerve. When a disc ruptures, a hole is created in the outer ring. During surgery, your surgeon may open this hole to remove any loose material; however, it is not possible to repair the hole. Even though surgery is effective in alleviating buttock and leg pain, you are left with a disc that will have a permanent weakness in the ring. Care has to be taken to prevent undue stress to the disc indefinitely, for fear of re-herniation.""" It's a good read. The whole page can be seen here: http://orthopedicsinternational.com/conditions-and-treatments/spine-neck-back-arm-and-leg/surgical-procedures/microlaminotomy-and-microdiscectomy/ So, ummm Doctor, does motocrossing count as "undue stress"? I'm afraid of the answer....
  6. PMK- What level are you having issues with? I'm kinda in teh same boat, maybe. I have been dealing with severe sciatic pain in my right leg since the middle of December. After five solid weeks of PT the pain is now manageable with no pain medications. I have a bulged disc at L5/S1. Had an issue with L2 a few years back and the Dr. who read the recent MRI said that the disc doesn't look any worse than it did three years ago. Given my symptoms they deduce that it is the bulge at L5/S1 causing all my pain. Met with a Neurosurgeon a few weeks ago. He was a real downer. Said I have the back of a 60-70 year old, I'm 37 now! Sever disc Degeneration in the lower lumbar area. Great. Said it wouldn't be worth operating on it now becuse in the next few years there's going to be more stuff happening to my back so I might as well wait intil there's three 'compartments' failing before he goes in. Grrrr....NOT what I wanted to hear. Luckily my PT guys is great and not a doom and gloomer. I've been working a ton on strengthening my core. I won't lie, I don't get to all the excersizes every night, more like every third day, but it seems to really be helping. I am hoping to get back on the bicycles in a few more weeks, and moto's soon after that. I have the same question regarding the strength of the idsc after a microdiscectomy has been performed. Does the disc now have a weaker 'wall' containing it and therefor is more of a weak spot compared to prior to surgery? I'm meeting with another Neuro Dr. next week and will make sure I get a clear answer on that one. I'll report back unless someone else pipes in beforehand. Best of luck!
  7. See exhibit A: Karen Schambach See exhibit B: Her damn lawyers
  8. Old_604

    yz426 total rebuild

    Looking good. Enjoy watching the rebuild in process. One complaint.....can you use a different term than "throat lube"? That's just disturbing hearing another man say that....hehehe
  9. So I have some free time Friday afternoon and was thinking about going a trek and goofing off for a few hours since it's not going to be possible to get to Stonyford with enough time to do a decent enough ride to warrant the drive time. Was looking around but can't find any track near Sacramento that runs practice on Friday. Am I just not looking in the right place? Thanks.
  10. Old_604

    Stonyford on Sat. 17th?

    Has Stony been receiving any rain lately? If so is it enough to tack the place up?
  11. Old_604

    What? A Ride Report? No way!

    ~FAIL~ Sorry no photo's. Didn't bring a camera.
  12. Yup, a real deal true dat Ride Report. No big deal. Just a buddy and I loaded up early yesterday and hit Sugar Pine. It's in good shape right now with not too much dust and plenty of pine needles covering the trails making them real fun when you try to root it out of a corner. Got on the bikes right around 9:30, hey, that's early for us! Cruised out on 1, then 2, then to 5, and more on 5. Took a break when my buddy was getting a little tired. Turned around and came back to 7, to 1 to 4 looped around and came back in the south side of the parking lot. Nothing huge, but a ride nontheless. It was a beautiful time to be on the bikes. Not hot, a slight breeze at times. Good dirt. Oh, and the best part, EMPTY trails!! Started seeing a few riders as we finished up, and the parking lot had about 6 trucks in it and it was empty when we started. Loaded up, got out of there, hit the Taco Tree in Auburn and was back at work by 2. Not a bad way to spend a Friday morning. Of course, I was absolute shit all afternoon at work, should have just stayed and ridden more. It was just a fun trip yesterday. It's a pretty easy place to just turn in the mileage and play around a bit trying different techniques. Did hit the ground a record number four times. But they were all goofy stuff that I wouldn't have been doing if I was riding with a faster rider. Funny how that works. Towards the end of the ride my buddy and I swapped bikes, just for kicks. He was blown away with how agile my KTM felt, and it was like going home for me to ride his WR426 as my other bike is a YZ426. Those Yamaha's sure feel planted to the ground. It just feels like you can really point and shoot through rock gardens and not be afraid of getting knocked off line. Time to put a steering damper on the KTM I think..... Cheers.
  13. Old_604

    Stoneyford? 3/12

    Yeah, one of my good riding buddies, love riding with the guy, but he sure drive me nuts. He's one of those guys that just goes tearing around any corner over any jump without thinking about "What If".....he's got skills and has always, so far, been able to squeak his way out of trouble multiple times, but sure looks ugly from where I'm sitting. I usually roll up on the other rider who's looking like he just saw a ghost and his shock turns to anger by the time I get there so I get to play all Mr. Nice Guy and apologize for my buddies riding habit, asI hear him ripping up the next hill off in the distance. Maybe I'll just start acting like I don't know him.... If he wasn't so damn reliable showing up to ride though.
  14. gah...would love to go, but can never race Saturdays.
  15. Old_604

    Popping Backfire Cured!

    HA, funny. At the last race I did I noticed the bike was starting to pop again, and not start on teh estart when hot...which got me to adjust the valves when I got home and then fired it up and was hearing a funny noise. Narrowed it down to the header/midpipe connection. Pulled it down and cleaned and restuck it all together with the high temp copper sealant and the next day the bike was much quieter again. Oh, and no popping either. Good stuff.