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  1. ShawnP

    New 2003 TTRL - Hard Starting

    Thanks everyone for the advice, I now have a 17.5 pilot on order and I'm looking forward to not killing myself to get it started anymore. Shawn
  2. ShawnP

    New 2003 TTRL - Hard Starting

    Thanks for the advice, I knew it had to be something others had experienced before. Where online have you found the best service and prices for Yamaha parts? Shawn
  3. ShawnP

    New 2003 TTRL - Hard Starting

    Forgot to mention this is a 125 TTR-L. Thanks again for any advice. Shawn
  4. ShawnP

    New 2003 TTRL - Hard Starting

    Recently purchased a new 2003 TTR-L and it's been ridden maybe a handful of times. My question, it takes quite a bit to get started with the choke out. I know these have a reputation for being cold blooded, especially new, but it seems to me it shouldn't take 10 minutes to get started when new. I'm about ready to haul back to dealership but thought I would see if anyone here has had the same trouble or any advice. Thanks,