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  1. DHS_CRF250R

    04-06 and 07 pistons

    Does anybody know if the 04 to 06 and 07 rmz pistons are interchangable, idealy im looking for something around 14:1 for the 07. Thanks.
  2. DHS_CRF250R

    96 db for an 06 twin pipe

    Try and get a set of OEM Euro spec silencers, or a system from ebay, over here in the UK and europe we have to run 96db. I ran a Leo Vinci pipe on my slightly modded 06 crf, and that ran at 94-95db, and was up 3bhp at peak with the pipe alone on the Dyno over stock. You can still make good power with the right quiet pipes.
  3. DHS_CRF250R

    Keeping plastic like new?

    You can get a front fender, rear fender, side panels, rad shrouds for about £90 geniune in the UK. PM me for more details.
  4. DHS_CRF250R

    is ktm...

    That one you say is actually an 05, look at the swingarm, graphics etc, all 05. It also has a non black shock body. I would imagine an 06 rep will just be a Stock 06 with an Akro, 05 factory sticker set. It would probably have the black shock, 06 swingarm etc. My name eludes me too, i no longer have a Honda, but swapped out for a 06 sx125.
  5. DHS_CRF250R

    Breaking bumps = Holy Mowly!

    A tip i got given and thought was a load of balls was 'brake hard before the worst of the bumps, then power over them'. I was like, 'no way', but i tried it on several tracks and it really works, because your not so 'out of control' and your suspension isnt loaded up as bad. Its not so much powering, more like, constant throttle, so you dont enter corner too fast.
  6. DHS_CRF250R

    Hardpack terrain

    Try to use ruts and burms if they're available. Try to get your braking done early and get off of the brakes hard as you enter a turn, still use small amonts of brake untill ready to power, use smooth throttle control to roll around the corner and apply throttle smoothly, short shift aswell to keep traction and forward momentum ( all on flat corners) also, lean the bike over, weight the outside peg and keep your body more upright, butt on edge of the seat. If the corner is flat, ie no ruts etc, try to use road racing lines, wide, tight, wide etc, use the largest arc possible, to try and maintain speed. Or alternativly, square the tighter corners, break hard, skid, turn, starighten and power hard. Experiment man.
  7. DHS_CRF250R

    Off to Merry Old England

    www.mxtrax.co.uk UK site
  8. DHS_CRF250R

    best 125 2 smoke

    There will be a 06 KX125, just not in the USA, i think some states might get them though, Europe will get them, so thats that.
  9. DHS_CRF250R

    Micro polishing gear sets!!

    I know some of the gurus browse this forum, and because i own a CRF250 too i though id ask here. Ive seen it talked about, but never really heard of it being put to use, polishing gears sets!!! Is this a specialised subject, what needs doing, and special tools/equipement, or just elbow grease and time??????? Seems a reasonably simple way to translate power to the ground, reducing loses in the transmission. Im also looking into the lightest tyres i have available too. I also saw today, a chain that had been drilled in every link with a maybe 1/8 drill. I presume to reduce rotating and also sprung weight.??? Cheers guys.
  10. DHS_CRF250R

    WP/SHOWA interchangable???

    Seen several times in my travels across the net that Honda Showa forks will fit in WP clamps and visa virsa. Do you know if this is true, what about wheel spindles etc. Im hopefully getting a KTM and maybe make a project of fitting a set of Twin Chamber Showas into it. Can I use the stock KTM caliper and bracket on the prefarably Honda forks and retain the stock KTM wheel and 260mm disc compared to the hondas smaller diameter. Will the fork/clamp offset be the same, as KTMs normally run 18/20 mm offset, and hondas 20/22/24mm. Cheers Guys.
  11. DHS_CRF250R

    WP suspension...

    Cheers man, much appreciated.
  12. DHS_CRF250R

    WP suspension...

    Right the deal is, im trading in my CRF250 for a ktm125 in the not to distant future. People are allways maoning about the suspension on these things, and in the mag reviews too, so what the problem with them. Is it just a case of a good revalve needed, and also Factory Connection recommend a progressive rear spring too. I see mixed reviews of gold valve kits, some say they are excellent, others say they are no better than stock 'kelstre' or someone i think said this. Im fairly light at 130lb too. Any info appreciated guys. PS, im also looking for specific things, and remedies, what type of valving etc.
  13. DHS_CRF250R

    What exactly is scrubbing?

    Its not really scrubbing speed, if anything, they can go faster through the air, all it does is keep the bike flying lower to the ground, or equally low as a 'normal' jump, but it allows you to carry more speed over it, meaning no need to slow for a jump, and as you land you are allready carrying a little more speed than normal. It means, if you were to over jump a tt doing say 45mph normally, you could land the jump perfectly doing 45mph by performing the so-called scrub, because suspension rebound doesnt come into effect and make you launch, and the bike is allready low on take off. I see it as, if you hold your right hand out infront of you, little finger facing down, but fingers held together flat, now rotate your hand around the axis of your thumb, 90 degrees left or right, now, your thumb is equally as low as your little finger (wheels) now. This is how you take off, now imagine rotating back to the starting position during flight, and again, pivoting around the axis of the thumb, the little finger (ie wheels) are now being forced lower than the natural flight path, meaning they will come into cantact with the ground sooner. Sorry if thats complicated but thats all i could think of top describe it.
  14. DHS_CRF250R

    Conical springs

  15. DHS_CRF250R

    Conical springs