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  1. 67_rat

    Titanium rod in tibia

    Anyone have this? How long before knee felt normal? How long before riding again? I got mine July 18th, and so far bone is healing great! However, my knee is freaking killing me. Hurts all of the time, Doc says give it time...
  2. 67_rat


    I have been out with a broken leg for 4 months, Doc says I can ride again...but NO JUMPS!. I figured Pueblo would be fun to just go out and get my chops back. I do remember reading awhile back that some of the south side would be closed to riding because of upcoming water pipe project. Did a search on this subject, and I don't see anything. Is it ok to ride down there?
  3. 67_rat

    Cheapest Place To Buy (CRF250)

    I purchased a 2004 WR450 from MC brokers from Canada, and they where great to deal with. I would not hesitate to buy from them again. I got my CRF from Motorsport Leasing because they where cheaper (saved about $400).
  4. 67_rat

    Cheapest Place To Buy (CRF250)

    Hey all, I'm new here, but just wanted to pass on my recent experience with Motorsport Leasing out of Columbia MO. My CRF250R was $5299 delivered to Denver (60 mile North from where I live). Took about 10 days from the time I wired the money. My buddy just ordered a X for $5599 from the same place. Talk to Logan at 573-875-3980 tell him Joe from Colorado told you about them .