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  1. Hey.. sorry to bother you. Know anything about the CT needle that comes with their pipe? I ordered a pipe yesterday, and not sure If I wanna use it or something else. I am currently running the stock needle. Maxx
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    Hey Bro... I have found unless you crank the Accelerator pump down some it will do this if you try to go to WOT right off of idle. If you crack the throttel slightly and get the vacuum up, or if you are riding kinda putting along with a load on the engine and go to WOT, it won't happen. It's just that the FCR Pump is almost hyperactive and shoots ao much fuel that the engine can't catch up and get the air flow before the flood kills it. No big deal, just don't crank it to WOT from idle setting still out of gear.... Maxx
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    OCFHN Needle on YFZ 450

    yeah.. I thought it a little weird too, but that was what he claimed. I am like, what do I know? Maxx
  4. Hey guys... was talkin to the dude at GTThunder and he says the OCFHN needle is the best for use on the YFZ. He claims better low and mid power, and better throttle response. Any conclusions on this topic? Thanks... MAxx