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  1. scumbucket

    Cleaning plastics and engine case

    I am in Knoxville.
  2. scumbucket

    Cleaning plastics and engine case

    I use Dawn dish soap. I put a bottle 20oz. or so in a sprayer. With 2.5 Gal. water, And pre spray my bike. Then use the pressure washer.
  3. I thought the same thing Mixxer. I am with you! Also I would not mind moving the 250f out and bringing in the XR200!!!!!!
  4. scumbucket

    Air filter cleaner questions

  5. scumbucket

    The real reason for Rekluses?

    The double blip is done with throttle rolling. no clutch action.
  6. scumbucket

    The real reason for Rekluses?

    Yeah you have some. But try doing a double blip getting over a large log or rock. The auto clutch makes the timing off. It can be done. But it is hard.
  7. scumbucket

    The real reason for Rekluses?

    I have one on my 350. And I really like it. I ride a bunch of gnarly trails, If I get stuck on the side of a hill I don't kill it. Plus riding off camber stuff it slips just enough to keep traction. The biggest thing I like. Not holding the clutch on down hill rear braking. The only thing I don't like Is. I miss the hit From the manual clutch.
  8. scumbucket

    No Extended Cooling Fins?

    I really like the look of the big fins also. I have thought about doing it to my cylinder head. Lots of times I ride gnarly stuff a little slow. One other thing some of the AHRMA guys do to help with heat in the little SL125s is. Not running the oil up the cylinder stud. They tap into the case and run a line up to the head. so the oil does not get as hot.
  9. scumbucket

    Renazco v. Fisher Seats

    The seat concepts seats do take 4 to 5 rides to brake in. Also the Renazco seats I rode did fill plush. But not too much.
  10. scumbucket

    Renazco v. Fisher Seats

    I have seat concepts seats on two of my bikes and like them pretty good. But I have rode a few friends bikes with the Renazco seats. And I was impressed! I am thinking about letting them do one for me.
  11. scumbucket

    4MM Tube Recommendation

    I only run IRC or Bridgestone 3mm tubes. And yes rmatv has them.
  12. scumbucket

    BETA 500 vs. KTM 500 for Adventure riding

    I like the engine in the 390. The long stroke makes nice power. But to me the fit and finish of the Beta's is not as good as the KTM's. And I am not impressed with the suspension. on any of the Beta's I have rode. I know they can be made to work better. Also you hear about problems with all brands of bikes. It seems like I hear about the same or maybe A few more problems with the beta's. And how many more bikes does KTM sale then Beta?
  13. scumbucket

    Seat Concepts 2017-present

    I have a standard on my 18, 350 and like it. The low seats suck. who ever makes them for about any bike. most all are cut down in the middle. Plus less foam. I am 5.9 and it works for me. I would try a taller seat for the extra foam. And flatter.
  14. scumbucket

    13/52 gearing on a 350 EXC-F

    I am running 13/51 on my 18 350 for woods riding. mostly single track. And am going to run 14/50 for dual sporting
  15. scumbucket

    Look at what was waiting for me.

    who made the rocker?