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  1. crf250rrider

    100% goggles sponsorship code

    I have looked through my trash emails up to the last 4 weeks. That is all it allows me to go.
  2. I had a 50% off deal through 100% for the 2015 year. I deleted the email(with the code) and 100% has not replied back to my email yet. If you have a 50% off code could you please PM it to me. Thank you
  3. crf250rrider

    What crf250r brake lever?

    Yes I tried adjusting the screw but for some reason there is just the slightest bit of freeplay in this lever before it engages.
  4. crf250rrider

    What crf250r brake lever?

    This is kind of a long shot but trying to find out what kind of front brake lever this is? Off a 2014. I bent it and replaced it with a motion pro but it does not have the same feel as this one did for some reason. On the bottom of the lever it reads JY-1268. Is this the stock one?
  5. crf250rrider

    Pulled over for no OHV sticker. Penalty?

    Mesquite wash it was on a monday holiday.
  6. crf250rrider


    80 hours on mine and 0 problems. FMF pipe with remap gave more top end. Galfer rotor stops better. Skid plate, hour meter, rad braces, fork bleeders, pegs, bars. Suspension revalve makes it a great bike.
  7. crf250rrider

    Getting on a moto program?

    It is a polar ft7. When mountain biking it gets up to 200 and same when I run. Average is usaully around 190 when riding for 15 min.
  8. crf250rrider

    Pulled over for no OHV sticker. Penalty?

    Cool thanks was looking for something like that
  9. crf250rrider

    Getting on a moto program?

    Hi I am looking for advise on what kind of training a racer should be doing. Im not super serious about it but race nearly every weekend and am a fast C rider about to bump up to B. What kind of cardio and exercise should I be doing and how often? Right now I typically practice one time during the week plus saturday and then race sunday. During the week I will usually do a leg day, upper body day, run a few miles, and mountain bike 1-2 times. I have been trying to get my heart rate down in races because according to my monitor it gets up to 225 at moments( I find hard to believe). What kind of routines do you find have the best results? Thanks
  10. I was riding some desert in Arizona today and got pulled over by game and fish. I thought I had a sticker but it was for my other bike. I now have a court date coming up. Has this happened to any of you? How much was the ticket? Thanks
  11. crf250rrider

    Helmet shelf life

    I never keep a helmet for more than two years after I buy it. Ended up with a 6d. Thanks for the help
  12. crf250rrider

    2014/15 CRF250R MODS?

    Suspension #1 full fmf exhaust hammerhead shift lever/case saver fork bleeders oversized arch pegs skid plate hour meter rad guards bars oversized front rotor Love this setup
  13. crf250rrider

    Helmet shelf life

    How long will a helmet last on a shelf before it is considered to be unsafe? Need to pick up a new arai and just saw that the vx pro 4 came out so all the vx pro 3 helmets are on sale now. Is it safe to use a helmet that has sat around, unused for a few years?
  14. crf250rrider

    FYI, 6D Helmet sale

    Cool. Thanks
  15. crf250rrider

    FYI, 6D Helmet sale

    Where did you see this? I only see them listed for $645