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  1. JeremyH

    Lake Elsinore Motocross Track

    Ok one more question. This is my first time to a MX track and i will be on a 450. Is there a track there that I will not get ran over?
  2. JeremyH

    Lake Elsinore Motocross Track

    Does anyone know if they are very harsh on the sound law 96db. I want to ride there tommorw but i can not take my bike there if they do not allow over 96db or if they check it. Thanks alot Jeremy
  3. JeremyH

    I hate the DMV

    First time i go down there for my 02 450 they said i have to come back with the bike and get the vin checked out. I waited in line for 2 hours for this. Second time today i bring the bike down and they check the vin # and they said it does not have a second Vin # on the bike. So i have to bring it to a high way patorl office and have them check it out. 1 hour 45 mins for all of this. So now i have to load the bike back up and take it to the high way patrol office and have them check it out and then go back to the DMV and wait in there dam line again. Lesson learned buy a bike with a green sticker on it.
  4. JeremyH

    Where is the best place online to shop?

    Thanks alot just ordered like $300 dollars in stuff for my dads bike and mine
  5. For all gear parts and everything else you can think of... Thanks
  6. JeremyH

    Review: Flat Land raccing radiator guards

    You can find them at www.flatlandracing.com. I cut the plastic ridge off of the back of the plastic and the only problem still is bolting up the very bottom bolt that goes though the plastic and attaches to the radiator. The hole in the guard just does not seem to match up...
  7. JeremyH

    Broke Fat Bars....See Picture!

    Wow....Glad that you are OK and you are very lucky that the bike was not hurt worst then it was.
  8. I think these Radiator guards are very well constructed. I think the overall design might have one small flaw but overall very nice. 1 to 10 10 being the best Looks: 9 Fit: 5 Durability: 10 There is just one problem with the fit. The very bottom bolt for the plastic does not match the hole in the radiator and does not match the hole in the radiator guard. All in all i would buy them again. Anyone have any suggestions for the bottom bolt problem??
  9. JeremyH

    Will a CR80 shock fit on a XR100?

    Thanks alot.. Is there alway to get the ride height of a XR100 higher for a low budget?
  10. I am doing a budget project. I found a 1990 XR100 for cheap and i was wondering if a CR80 shock would fit on it. Would like the ride a little taller. This will just be my mess around bike and can not afford a new 50. Thanks