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    Steel or aluminum sprockets?

    I asked this question a couple weeks ago. I went with the cheaper aluminum and a 14-45 gearning. the gearing was excellent smooth power and easier to keep a steady pace through the rough stuff. I will probally go with the Sidewinder or Ironman sprocket when this one shows wear. I think this gearning will do about 95
  2. laroca1

    Sprocket info

    Thanks for replys. The reason I wanted to go with 45 rear sprocket is I wanted to lenthen my wheelbase to help with the added speed. I ended up with the JT brand I'll see how it works. I'll be in baja this weekend going to gonzaga bay from santa maria to try it out :cool:thanks gotta get ready
  3. laroca1

    Sprocket info

    I was going to change my gearing to 14-45. Any experience with Renthal, Sidewinder or JT Pro Series sprockets, my shop has the JT Pro Series brand. How does the 14-45 combo work. Thanks
  4. laroca1

    Skid Plate?

    I just got the Moose skid plate I didn't put the foam in so I don't know if it is going to be much louder, I just got the Monster Moto One DVD (not enough baja desert riding) but I had to look twice to notice that Campbell's bike had what looked the stock skid plate on kinda of suprised about that
  5. laroca1

    Smog block off kits

    It would help if I mentioned the bike, it is a 2001 650R. I'm a 4 stroke rookie I didn't know I had a block off kit until I over filled the engine oil and had it blow out from under the seat onto my boots . live and learn thanks for the info.
  6. laroca1

    Smog block off kits

    Do all the smog block off kits use a filter at the end of the crankcase breather tube And is there a better place to put it besides under the seat next to the ignition wires and module.Thanks Laroca1
  7. laroca1

    Stroker SX1 exhaust

    Does anyone have any feedback on the Stroker exhaust for the 650R I bought the bike with it already on, but I am looking to find out more about it