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  1. The W is essentially the off road/trail version of the bike, as it has a wider ratio tranny and I believe the suspension is a bit more plush. Ride more trails than MX = XCF-W Ride more MX than trails = XCF
  2. While I won't argue with you, the MFGs aren't stupid. Think about how much it would cost to get the bikes tested compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars more in revenue having the MX bikes green stickered would bring in. It's not even close, it's an easy investment. California is one of the largest MX markets in the world, I find it hard to believe they could get a green sticker that easily with the amount of money that's at stake. If it really is that easy, Honda can contact me for a job interview.
  3. It's an emissions issue. If the bike can pass the test given by CARB (I believe) then it gets a green, if not it gets a red.
  4. I broke mine in yesterday and I was incredibly surprised, it didn't smoke a single puff after the first few seconds. Using full synthetic to break in a motor was always a cardinal sin when I building v8 motors 10+ years ago, but surprisingly it appears fine in these small 4t motors. I also do what was mentioned above, as well and using as much compression braking as possible (go down long hills in a gear too low). That always seems to seat rings well.
  5. Anything 2002 and older. KTM 250XCF and XCFW Honda CRF250/450X Those are the only ones I personally would consider (first ride on my new XCF just today, absolutely love it) but there are plenty more, but most are anemic.
  6. Just brought it home last night, so I haven't put the goodies on yet. Pictures do not do the beauty of these bikes justice.
  7. My new XCF should be here tomorrow!!! Can't wait
  8. Sounds like their marketing dept. needs to give their legal dept a smack upside the head. This kind of viral marketing does wonders for business that far outweighs any revenue lost by a few online manuals. When will companies learn.
  9. It's perfectly normal. The popping is likely from being too lean. Does it pop on deceleration?
  10. I've never ridden one, but I just bought one I'll be here in a few weeks, I'm looking forward to it.
  11. I beat the snot out of mine and it's still going strong. Clean the air filter after a dusty ride and check the valves every 5 or 6 rides. Other than that, change the oil and ride it. I have countless hours on mine and the valves are fine.
  12. thanks! though it didn't look like much my arm is just finally turning yellow and black (seriously). I really need to invest in some elbow pads (not)
  13. why thank you. I'm on the 2004 CRF250 that's in front and he's on a 1990! CR250. My buddies and I usually take turns being out front, so we share the danger and we share the dust And of course, anytime you want to come to Cali I'll be happy to take you to Clear Creek (really an awesome place).
  14. Clear Creek is one of the premier riding areas in California. 50,000 acres of single/double track and fireroads to ride and hillclimbs that are to die for. The "official" trails are marked. All in all there are way more than 116 trails there I'm getting 150kb/s currently so I'm not sure what's going on. Sorry it's taking so long Anyway, don't plan on being floored or anything, though we were jamming pretty well on that trail (wish I didn't have to worry about people coming the other way). Also, I put a smaller version (30MB) up there too.
  15. that looks like Club Moto.